Teaching children “stranger danger” can actually put them at risk

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Did you know that according to a study, 93% of crimes involving children were committed by people they actually know and thought could trust?

The phrase “stranger danger” is one of the most popular parenting adage, but did you know that teaching kids this can actually be detrimental to their safety?

At least that’s what Child Rescue Network believes.

Said a Mirror report: “They believe that teaching children about 'stranger danger’—a common practice over the last few decades with abductions being widely publicised in the media—might not be enough.”

This is because according to their study, 93% of children who have been victimized actually know their abusers. What “stranger danger” teaches these children to accept abuse from people closer to home.

“By putting the focus on ‘strangers,’ children are actually MORE susceptible to silently endure abuse from those they already know and trust,” the network said on its website.

“Instead of scaring children into silence, let’s help kids make safe, positive, self-esteem building decisions whether they are dealing with a cunning stranger or responding to a familiar face.”

There are also four important tips that Child Rescue Network wants parents to teach their children.

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