Team Kramer: The picture-perfect modern family who raised the bar

Team Kramer: The picture-perfect modern family who raised the bar

Never has there been a family more influential—or so equally entertaining to watch—than the bubbly bunch that is Team Kramer. While other celebrity couples have shielded their children from the curious public eye, Cheska Garcia-Kramer and husband Doug have taken a different approach to rearing their three young children, and that is by allowing them to revel in the limelight.

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(L-R) Gavin, Kendra, and Scarlett with parents Cheska and Doug during a trip to Dubai where they enjoyed skiing.

While other (in)famous “celebrity families” have relied on scandal and over-the-top dramatics to appeal to their viewers, Team Kramer draws millions of views and thousands of followers every day just by simply being themselves. (As of this writing, they have 6.2 million followers on Facebook.) On their social media pages, you can find Cheska busting it out to “Ice, Ice Baby,” Doug annoying his children with his Daddy antics, and the kids, well, being kids.

In the world of Kardashians and Guiterrezes, Team Kramer shows “family” in a new and refreshing light. The kids are sweet and mischievous; while the couple is open and real as they share their experiences as young parents. And you are easily charmed by each one of them as they never take anything too seriously.

They may not have a reality TV show, but they’re as popular as any celebrity family, with the public well updated through Team Kramers’ regular posts and videos on their Facebook page and website.

There is, of course, a little dose of drama, but this is usually delivered innocently enough by Doug and Cheska’s three little stars: Kendra (aka #KendraSuperstar), Scarlett (#ScarlettDoll or #Dollet), and Gavin (#Gavincredible). Together, they deliver as many laughs and smiles as they do tantrums, and we love them for it. Did we mention they each have their own fan bases?

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In the Spotlight
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Cheska insists that her parenting journey with husband Doug is far from prefect.

Though their children are doted upon as the prince and princesses in the world of social media, at home, Cheska and Doug are the real royals, and they reign with a firm but loving hand.

The couple allows their kids to enjoy all the blessings and opportunities that come their way, but they also make sure that the kids grow up never feeling entitled.

“When it comes to our parenting style. We don’t play bad cop, good cop,” shares Cheska. The young couple puts up a unified front and if disagreements do arise, these are discussed behind closed doors. “We don’t want to confuse our children by not being unified in our stance. That’s why we make sure as husband and wife that we talk often about how we raise our kids. We make sure that we’re always on the same page,” explains Cheska.

But if there is one who rules and decides as king, it would be Doug. “When they ask for permission, Papa is the boss. Though we both have [equal footing] when it comes to raising the family, I prefer that the kids recognize Doug as the head of the household. It makes it easier for them to know that there is just one person who decides everything,” she shares. Of course, they still discuss as a couple. However, when it comes to the final call, the buck stops with Papa.

Aside from being the “team captain” of Team Kramer, Doug is also the disciplinarian, providing structure and boundaries for the children in their daily life. “He’s stricter than me. I also discipline but I’m more of the everyday reminder—brush your teeth, sit up straight, eat your vegetables, ” shares Cheska, who makes sure as a mother to inculcate the proper values and manners in her children.

Because of their tight-knit bond and affectionate relationship, Team Kramer has been often referred to as the “perfect modern family.” Cheska is flattered by the recognition, but admits that it really has been a journey, being a wife and mother of three.

It may seem that she and Doug have it all figured out, but in truth, in the privacy of their own homes, they are very much like every young couple who is grappling with the demands of raising their young family. They’re far from perfect, she insists.

The love and laughter you see on the videos are real and unscripted, but there are many real situations that also occur unrecorded. Parenthood provides immense joy and happiness, but it’s not alway peaches and cream.

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Tips for other moms
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On unsolicited advice, Cheska says to cherry-pick what you feel is the best for your family.

Cheska says this to remind young mothers that motherhood is, indeed, challenging, and you shouldn’t burden yourself in trying to become perfect.  

Firstly, raising a family cannot be done alone. There is no shame in asking for help because “the saying really is true, it takes a village to raise a child,” she shares.

“It takes the support of everybody—your husband, extended family, friends, and household help—for you to be able to give the best care to your child,” she explains. “With your husband, you can and should depend on him because it’s not you alone who’s raising the child. You’re both the parents.” Surround yourself and build a network of support.

On the other hand, be cautious as well of well-meaning friends and family. They may be your support group, but they can also be the source of unnecessary stress. “Learn to listen to yourself,” advises Cheska to new parents, who like her probably have had their share of family and friends giving well-meaning but unsolicited advice.

“It can be very stressful and overwhelming, especially when people say ‘Dapat ganito, dapat ganyan ang pagpapalaki ng anak.’ When it comes to my own family, I choose the advice that I want to listen to and follow. I gauge whether the advice is realistic, and if it will work for me or not. For all the parents out there, don’t pressure yourself. Remember, you’re already the best mom for even trying,” Cheska says.

Embrace the experience and appreciate the joy and time that you have with your children, Cheska reminds mothers.

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Making a name

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“I really wanted to give breastfeeding a try [because] I think that it is truly a blessing to be able to nourish your children through your own milk,” Cheska says.

Today, aside from co-hosting “Mommy Hacks” with Rica Peralejo, Cheska uses her popularity to forward special causes close to her heart, one of which is breastfeeding.

“I breastfed all three of my children. It’s the most beautiful and natural thing to do, and I loved the bonding moments with my kids,” shares Cheska, adding that she herself was breastfed as a child. “When I became a mother, I really wanted to give breastfeeding a try. It was not because my mother did it, but [because] I think that it is truly a blessing to be able to nourish your children through your own milk.”

When she was nursing her children, instead of using a hand pump, Cheska preferred hand expressing. “I discovered hand expressing through Youtube and saw the difference compared to using a machine or manual pump. It was more efficient, and I had more control, plus I could take better care of my breasts,” reveals the mom other of three.

Cheska had wanted to breastfeed her children as long as she could. However, she had to wean them early as she suffered from bad morning sickness (when she was pregnant with Scarlett) and cramps, and she tired easily because of low electrolytes. “The longest I breastfed was with Gavin at 10 months.” Regardless of how you choose to nourish you child, what is important is that you give him the best.

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Team Kramer
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There’s no denying that for tag-team Cheska and Doug, family comes first.

From what started out as a simple hashtag first coined by a fan, Team Kramer has since grown to become a bankable name, one that has seen itself behind a slew of endorsements, from fast food to baby clothes and cleaning products.

Today, Cheska is excited to share that they recently launched a new range of baby cologne in partnership with Zen Zest, as well as an upcoming collaboration with a shoe brand. “It’s all very exciting and even the kids are happy,” she shares.

As perfect and as happy as the family seems, Cheska admits that she and Doug are not immune from the criticisms, especially from those “concerned” citizens who accuse the couple of over-exposing their kids.

Cheska explains their choices. “There is nothing wrong with appearing in commercials,” she says in another interview. “And we only post on social media. The great thing about social [is that] unlike having a reality show…  I have control over what I post because at the end of the day, it’s my decision whether to post it or not, it’s my responsibility. I always have my family’s best interest. I won’t post whatever can harm them.”

The couple is comfortable and confident in sharing their lives on social media because, “it is our avenues of promoting strong family ties and trying to exemplify what a family should be. Somehow, maybe, we can even inspire others,” she adds.

For Team Kramer, it has never been about money or fame or Facebook likes, because when it comes down to it, “My family will always come first,” Cheska ends.

AUTHOR: Kaydee Dela Buena

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