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2 teenagers from Cebu raped by 2 men and a teenager

Two men and a teenager are currently facing charges for allegedly raping 2 minors last December 29 in Liloan, northern Cebu.

They were invited for a drinking session, but declined

Benedict Longakit, 35, an internet cafe operater, Gajaymar Mariquit, 20, and a 17 year old teenager are currently detained at the Liloan Police Station while they await the pending rape charges.

According to the two teenagers, aged 16 and 17, they got down from a habal-habal (motorcycle for hire) that they were riding to an internet cafe in the area. They were then invited for a drinking session by the suspects, but they declined and instead went inside the internet cafe to surf the net.

However, once they were done, they went back and joined the suspects in their drinking session.

They finished at about 1 a.m., and they then rode Longakit's pickup headed to Compostela town. That's when things started to take a turn for the worst.

He threatened to kill them if they did not give him what he wanted

Longakit took a shortcut in a nearby barangay instead of taking the national highway. He then stopped the vehicle in a vacant lot, took out a gun, pointed it at the teenage girls, and threatened to kill them if they did not give him what he wanted.

The girls were then told to take off their clothes and then lie on the grass while they were sexually assaulted by the 2 men and the teenager.

Once the men were finished, the girls told them that they had to pee. That's when the girls took their chance and escaped their captors. They ran to a nearby resident who then reported the incident to the police.

Both of the victims underwent stress debriefing after the incident. The suspects are currently facing rape charges.

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Keeping teenagers safe

According to statistics, more crimes are committed against teenagers compared to other age groups. This is why your teenager's safety is very important. Here are some important things that you should teach your teenager to keep them safe:

  • Teach your teenager to always stay alert. It's important to always be aware of your surroundings, so teach your teen to always know what's going on around them so that if anything happens,
  • Make sure to teach them to know which people they can trust. At their age, it's important to surround themselves with people who always have their best interests in mind. That's why you need to teach your children at a young age to choose the people they're with.
  • Whenever they go out, always ask them where they're going and what time they get back. They might get annoyed about it, but it's for their own good.
  • They should know to keep any valuables out of sight, to dissuade any potential thieves. Nowadays, smartphones and other gadgets are the norm. These are also things that thieves are always looking for. Make sure that your teenager always keeps their gadgets secure, and knows when to keep them hidden from view.
  • Know your teenagers friends, and always have open communication with your teen. Trust goes both ways, and a good way of building that trust would be through constant and open communication with your teen. That way if they have any problems, or if someone has hurt them, they won't hesitate to share it with you.


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