The Charlie Charlie game: Keep your child away from it

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Read about the Charlie Charlie game which is sweeping social media and affecting school children.

charlie charlie game

Tweens and teens around the world are taking part in the Charlie Charlie game. Find out what this alarming phenomenon is and how you can protect your child. Image: YouTube screengrab.

It was the first week of June and the first day of project work for my son. He and his friend were in the school canteen when they heard a shriek of terror reverberating through the canteen, followed by sobs.

My son moved closer and saw several students huddled together, around something. When he fought through the crowd, he saw a classmate of his looking terrified. When my son asked him what was happening, another schoolmate said that they were playing the “Charlie Charlie” game.

He learned that “Charlie” was a Mexican demon. In this game, when a question is asked from “Charlie”, a pencil placed on a sheet of paper moved all by itself and pointed at “Yes” or “No” written on the paper. The problem now was that “Charlie” was not allowing the group to stop playing, and that was the reason for the hysteria. My son walked off from the scene, refusing to believe any of it.

An hour later, things worsened. More students were crying, some were experiencing stomach aches and others even left the school out of fright. The situation got so out of hand that the vice-principal had to call for everyone to assemble in the hall.

Once the students were in the hall, he first calmed everyone down and said that whatever that happened was explainable through science and was not caused by any Mexican demon. Then, he ordered that no one was to play such games anymore.

Seeing some students were still shaken, he asked everyone who was still feeling scared to stay back to have a talk with him. My son was surprised to see that nearly half the students in the hall moved to talk to him. Luckily, in the end, the atmosphere of fear dissipated.

This is a first-hand account from a Singaporean mom of her child’s recent experience of the latest social media craze that is sweeping schools across the world — known as the “CharlieCharlieChallenge” or the Charlie Charlie game.

charlie charlie game

The Charlie Charlie game has now emerged as an alarmingly popular social media phenomenon among school children. Image from Pinterest

What is the Charlie Charlie game?

According to the Daily Mail, this “game” first came to light in the Dominican Republic when four high school students were taken to the emergency room screaming and crying in terror. Doctors could not find anything wrong with them and diagnosed a case of “mass hysteria”.

What had reportedly happened was that these kids tried to summon a “Mexican demon” by balancing two pencils on a piece of paper, with “yes” and “no” written alternatively on the corners of the paper. When “Charlie” was asked a question, the pencils turned by themselves, pointing at the “answer”.

Reports say that the children who took part in this game had “appeared with inexplicable bruises on their bodies” and of course, signs of hysteria.

Now, this disturbing game has turned into a social media sensation among hundreds of teens around the world, as evidenced by the massive stream of Vine and YouTube videos of the experience being tweeted from all corners of the globe. Many of these videos show kids asking “Charlie, Charlie, are you there?'” and then fleeing in terror when the pencil appears to move by itself.

What’s really dangerous is that the Charlie Charlie game has now turned into a “challenge” among tweens and teens to “summon” Charlie, via various social media channels and platforms.

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