The top 5 hottest things a dad can do

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You may have never realized it, wives, but these are the hottest things your hubby now that he's a dad!

After you get married and have children, your idea of sexy or hot can change pretty drastically. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s just one way your relationship changes after marriage and kids. Either way, when your husband goes into full-on dad mode–admit it, wives–it can be very attractive.

Scary Mommy recently shared a video to their popular YouTube channel which lists the absolute hottest things a dad can do…according to moms.

Check out the hilarious list, and then check out the video (next page)!

1. Rock a baby carrier

baby carrier

A baby carrier can be one of the hottest things a dad can wear. It’s got that distinct look that says, “Hey, I’m a dad…and I’m damn proud of it!” No doubt when you see your husband rocking this stylish baby carrying accessory, you’ll have to cat call!

Find out the rest of the hottest things dads do! Click next to see more!

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