Why theAsianparent app is the ONLY pregnancy and parenting app you need!

Why theAsianparent app is the ONLY pregnancy and parenting app you need!

Moms and dads, do you feel lost in your journey as a new parent or are you pregnant with your first child and feel anxious about what's to come?

Are you worried if your child is meeting his developmental milestones? Or if he is the right weight for his age? Do you feel stressed out and clueless when it comes to breastfeeding and getting back to work? Wish there was someone to turn to in times of despair, or simply, to vent your frustration? Fret not, for theAsianparent app has the answers to all your pregnancy and parenting-related concerns.

More than 380,000 parents use theAsianparent app worldwide to answer all of their burning questions or post some of their own concerns. It is currently available in English, Thai, Bahasa and Vietnamese and is supported by both iOS and Android phones.

Here are the links to download theAsianparent app:

Android: Click here

iOS: Click here

Why so many parents love theAsianparent app

1. Connect with other parents, you can even ask questions 'Anonymously'

It is often said that it takes a village to raise a child.

Our moms and dads in theAsianparent community are ever willing to help you out, and answer your questions, without judging you. You can post your queries based on topics like “Just Moms”, “Baby”, “Toddler”, “Preschooler”, “Breastfeeding”, “Pregnancy” etc.

And we totally understand that sometimes you might feel uncomfortable or embarrassed about revealing your identity while asking a question. Which is exactly why we introduced the Anonymous feature.

theAsianparent app

All you need to do is click on “Hide Name” while posting a question, and the app makes sure to set your identity as “Anonymous”.

So go ahead, ask away or vent. Read real reviews before investing on expensive kids products, enrichments centres. You’ll be able to get reviews on the best schools in Singapore, and even receive recommendations on where to look for the best domestic helper!

We are here to listen, help and share our experiences. Let’s learn from one another.

2. Pregnancy Tracker and Baby Tracker

These are two of the most used features on theAsianparent app.

The Pregnancy Tracker lets you track the growth of the baby inside your womb, week by week, day by day. All you need to do is enter your due date, and the tracker tells you which week of your pregnancy journey you are in.

You get information on your baby’s development, pregnancy symptoms you can expect and precautions you may need to take. You can also traverse the pregnancy wheel to know more about what to expect in the coming days.

theAsianparent app

The Baby Tracker lets you track your baby’s milestones all the way until age 4! It also gives you important information on your little one’s health and nutrition and when you should be concerned and consult a doctor. Again, spin the baby wheel if you are curious about the journey ahead!

3. Food & Nutrition Tool

Is it okay to eat tofu during pregnancy? What about after giving birth and during breastfeeding? When can you give tofu to your baby? A mommy’s life is filled with many doubts when it comes to what is safe for her eat, and what is safe to feed her baby.

Use the Food & Nutrition Tool to clear all your food-related doubts and concerns. Learn why some foods are good for you during pregnancy, but shouldn’t be given to your baby.

theAsianparent app

This tool has been helpfully organised into categories like whole grains, vegetables, nuts, fruits, supplements etc. so you can navigate easily. You can also use the search bar to look for the food item.

4. Pregnancy and Baby Checklists

Worried you are missing something important while taking care of yourself or your baby? We have quick pregnancy and baby checklists for you, where you can check what you should be doing at that stage of parenthood, be it pregnancy, just after giving birth or later.

Remember to go to the tracker and update your pregnancy or baby’s details.

5. Take part in Contests and WIN cool prizes!

Parenting should be rewarding, right? That's why we also run plenty of cool contests on theAsianparent app. Look out for the blue gift box icon on the top right, or click on the “Contests” button in the left side menu to catch all our latest giveaways.

theAsianparent app

6. Earn Points and Rewards, Redeem shopping vouchers and more!

You can even earn points and rewards, and redeem them for shopping vouchers, simply by using the app!

For example, inviting a friend to join our community can get you 10 points. Other ways to add on to your points is by answering questions, taking polls, or by uploading pictures.

theAsianparent app

7. Become a VIP member

We also offer you the chance to become one of our VIP members!

There are many benefits to being a VIP member on theAsianparent app. You will:

  • Have access to exclusive giveaways not open to our entire audience
  • Get the opportunity to review products, and get paid for your review
  • Get exclusive invites to events organised by theAsianparent or theAsianparent's clients, and much more!

Here is the eligibility criteria to become a VIP member:

  • You need to be a parent or be pregnant.
  • You will need to download theAsianparent app
  • You need to have a following of 500 or more on either Facebook or Instagram. (Having a blog is a plus!)
  • You cannot be part of any other loyalty/rewards/membership programs organised by any other parenting communities/platforms.

8. Safely share your baby’s pics on Photobooth!

We provide a safe space to share your little one's pictures. If you can't get enough of sharing your baby's cute and funny pics online, PhotoBooth is where you can do this, without worry. 

9. Read all the latest articles from theAsianparent

You can also use theAsianparent app for reading all the latest articles from ph.theasianparent.com.

theAsianparent app

In fact, you can catch up on all the parenting news first on the app, before it goes out on social media! There are also some app exclusive articles, so be sure not to miss those out. 

10. Instant access to nursery rhymes and cute videos to educate and amuse your little one!

If your little one insists that you play his/her favourite nursery rhymes, we have got that covered too!

Click on "Media" (in the bottom bar), to access kiddie favourites like "The Alphabet Song", "Wheels on the Bus", "Old Macdonald" etc. We even have a cute "Baby Shark" video!

theAsianparent app

Moms and dads, these are just some of the reasons to download theAsianparent app. Parenting is hard, and our aim is to make it easier, and to provide you with the best tools and resources. Expect more innovative features in days to come. If you have any suggestions on how to improve our app, do send in your feedback (you can click on the Feedback link).

Here’s to raising strong, smart and kind kids!

To download theAsianparent app:

iOS: Click here

Android: Click here

Got a parenting concern? Read articles or ask away and get instant answers on our app. Download theAsianparent Community on iOS or Android now!