Things "happy" moms do, that "angry" moms don't

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Are you a "happy" mom or an "angry" mom?

In a post from Candy House Blog, a volunteer of a domestic violence shelter noted some of the things she had noticed about the mothers from the shelter, as well as the mothers in her own personal experiences with family and friends.

Through her observations, this blogger was able to note some of things that happy mothers do that angry moms do not do.

Here are some of the awesome things that happy mothers do that angry moms don't:

Happy moms don't expect perfection. This applies to themselves as well. A happy mom expects the best of her children and herself, but reasonably. No one is perfect. Happy moms acknowledge this. A happy mom knows that we must learn from our mistakes.

Happy moms radiate sunshine and happiness. Happy people in general are a constant source of joy. Happy moms not only light up a room with their positivity when they enter, but they are a reliable source of care and love. In other words, their happiness is infectious.

Happy moms choose their battles wisely. A happy mom doesn't micromanage and pick fights about every little detail in their kids lives. A happy mom knows when it's time to intervene or put her foot down, and knows when to respect room for growth. Kids need space to grow, and a happy mom will let her kids have some reasonable boundaries.

Happy moms are honest. In life, one's word should be as good as gold. This applies to mothers as much as anyone. A happy mom should be able to deliver on promises when made. A happy mom should be truthful with her family.

Happy moms are playful. Parents who play with their kids are always getting the best bonding time with their kids. It makes for an all-around better parenting experience. A happy mom is one who is never afraid or unwilling to play with her kids at home or even at the park.

Happy moms are good listeners. Happy moms have the ability to understand and help their kids. How do they do this? By listening and caring about their child's problems. Happy moms are able to empathize and sympathize with their kids through their amazing listening skills.

Happy moms impart wisdom. Happy moms help their kids grow by expanding their minds. They do this by learning with their kids, and by teaching them. Happy moms are glad to share knowledge they have, and are eager to learn with their kids to help better them for the future.

Happy moms love being happy. This may seem redundant, but what I'm trying to say is that a happy mom wants to be happy and wants to have a positive attitude. At the end of the day, if someone wants to act a certain way, they'll do as they please. That's why it's so important for a happy mom to be happy. Kids will follow their example!


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