8 things kids do that I thought were caused by bad parenting…

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Have your parenting skills ever been blamed for your kid's behavior? Here are 8 things kids do that are not because of bad parenting...

When I was a childless young lady, I watched in horror as a stressed-out mum yelled at her tantrumming child in a supermarket to "STOP IT RIGHT NOW, OR ELSE!"

When the (bad, bad) child's shrieks increased in volume tenfold as she flailed about on the supermarket floor like a mini octopus out of water, the (bad, bad) mother sighed, rolled her eyes and stalked off.

I knew this mum's parenting methods must be just so wrong for her child to behave in that manner, and in public no less.

Until I had my own children.

Here are -- from my experience -- eight things that kids do that have nothing to do with bad parenting.

1. Nose picking and private parts handling

Whether your child has one finger up his nose (looking for gold up there, buddy?) or a hand grabbing his crotch, it's done regardless of location -- at the dinner table, in a fancy restaurant, while you read him a story, and so on. 

2. Tantrums

Consider yourself lucky... extremely lucky... if your child bypasses the tantrumming stage, especially when she's a toddler. Okay, we know they often do it out of frustration at their inability to express their true feelings. But seriously little lady, are you out to embarass your mum or what, when you throw a diva-fit in the middle of a mall? 

3. Whining, whingeing and complaining

My older child, age 6, went through a phase where everything was a complaint, usually about his little brother. And my younger child, age 3.5, is going through a phase where he feels a great urge to whinge and whine when he wants something. I.Can't.Win. Because I know no.2's whining and whingeing stage will will morph to the complaining stage real soon. 

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