9 Things that millenial parents do

9 Things that millenial parents do

You know you're a millennial parent if you do any of these 9 things!

1. You've introduced your child to the favorite shows you love to watch on Netflix or HBO

Obviously, you've already initiated your kid into knowing the characters from Game of Thrones, or you've probably watched an episode of Dr. Who alongside your kids.

All of these 'fandoms' are part of being a millennial, and as a millennial parent, you want your kid to join in the fun!

2. You've already labeled your parenting style

These days, there are a lot of different labels for parents, such as tiger mom, helicopter parent, and free-range parents. You've read all of the parenting books of your chosen parenting style, and you most definitely embrace the labels that come with it.

3. You don't really care if your little boy likes 'girl' toys, or your little girl like 'boy' toys

In this day and age, there are a lot more pressing problems than making sure your child plays with toys that are 'appropriate' for their gender. You couldn't care less if your daughter loves toy cars, or if your son like playing with cooking playsets.

What matters is that you love your child, and you're doing all that you can so that they can grow up to be wonderful human beings.

4. Your kid is exclusively breastfed

Yup, gone are the days of formula milk being given to kids. These days, more and more moms are exclusively breastfeeding, and that's really amazing!

Breast has all of the nutrients that your baby needs to develop and grow, and it's free. Breast really is the best!

5. You have a lot of your kid's photos on your smartphone

Back when you were younger, your parents probably had a lot of photo albums with your baby photos on it. These days, it's much easier to take and keep photos of your beloved baby. Just snap a photo of them using your smartphone, and it's automatically saved to your device. Modern technology makes it easier for parents to keep the memories of their kids.

6. Majority of your posts on social media are photos of your kids

Obviously, those photos can't just stay inside your phone! You're super proud of your baby, so every chance you have, you post a photo of them on social media.

That's just how it goes for millennial parents. You're proud of your kid, and you obviously want to show them to the world!

7. You celebrate your kid's creativity and individuality

Millennial parents celebrate individuality, and embrace their kids' creativity. You love enrolling them in art classes, and letting them decorate their rooms and pick out what clothes they want to wear.

So long as your child can celebrate their creativity and uniqueness, you'll support them all the way.

8. Either you or your spouse is a stay-at-home parent

These days, more and more parents are choosing to stay at home and let their spouse be the main breadwinner for the family. While some families still have a yaya, more and more millennial parents prefer to take care of their kids themselves, and make sure that they're growing up properly.

9. You love traveling with your child

Thank God for the 'piso' sale flights! You know you're a millennial parent if you love to travel with your family, and you're always scouring airline websites for any seat sales available. Travel is pretty good for kids, as for them, having fun memories is much more important than having lots of toys. So keep on traveling!

Source: matadornetwork.com

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