7 Things 'mean' moms do for their children's well-being

Your kids might think you're a mean mom, or you're bossing them around just because you can, but at the end of the day, it's all for their well-being.

1. Making the kids sleep early

Yup, kids just absolutely hate it when their 'mean' moms make them sleep so early! Why would kids want to sleep early when they can instead spend their time watching TV, or playing with their toys?

Well, 'mean' moms know best, and they know that sleeping early helps their kids' development, and keeps them refreshed and ready for the next day.

2. Not giving their kids sweets

Another thing that 'mean' moms do, is not giving their kids sweets whenever they want them. Kids absolutely love having delicious treats all the time, but 'mean' moms have to go and ruin all of their fun.

However, moms know that giving their kids too much sweets is not a good idea since it's bad for their kids' health, it rots their teeth, and it can make them hyperactive. 'Mean' moms know that sweets are okay to give kids, but only in moderation.

3. Asking them to save their allowance

Kids tend to think that their parents have a lot of money stashed somewhere, or that their parents are just joking around whenever they say that they don't have any money to give. That's why they think their moms are being mean when they're told that they need to save their allowance, or that they need to spend less.

Don't worry 'mean' moms, your kids will surely appreciate all of the financial lessons that you're teaching them while they're still young.

4. Not giving them favors

Some moms like doing their kids favors, such as doing their projects for them, or pulling some strings so that they can get into a good school, or giving their teachers gifts in the hopes that their teachers will give them higher grades.

But that's not you, cause you're a 'mean' mom. Your child thinks that you're mean because you want them to learn that the world won't do them favors, and that they need to work hard in order to achieve the things that they want.

5. Giving them a schedule

Kids think that 'mean' moms are control freaks. But in reality, they just want their kids' lives to be organized, so that they can manage to do all the things that they need to do, such as study, play, eat on time, and sleep on time.

Kids might not like it when their moms tell them what to do, but parents aren't doing it for themselves, they're doing it for their children's own good.

6. Not buying them the things they want

In life, we don't always get the things that we want. And it's an important lesson that 'mean' moms want to teach their kids. That's why sometimes, even if their kids beg, or throw tantrums in public, they still won't buy them that new toy that they want.

It's all about teaching kids the difference between wants and needs, and knowing that sometimes, you'll experience disappointment in life.

7. Teaching them hard life lessons

'Mean' moms are tough on their kids. Not because they're bad parents, or they want to see their kids miserable, but because they want their kids to learn the reality that life is hard, and that it's normal to have setbacks.

'Mean' moms love their kids, and don't want them to feel entitled or feel that the world owes them something, so it's important for them to teach their kids to learn from their mistakes, and know that working hard and being persistent will make them successful in life.

And no matter what happens, their 'mean' mom will always be there to support them 100%.

Source: familyshare.com

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