21 Hilariously accurate things moms know about toddler messes

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"Nothing is safe. Not the walls, floors, pets, ceilings, cars, televisions, toys, writing utensils, or clothes."

Okay, let's be clear here: toddlers are "totes adorbs".

That said, there are certain times when the cuteness card just won't cut it!

For example, you stroll into the living room only to be greeted by what looks like a the leftovers a of a tornado and earthquake. This, as you've probably learned by now, is what's known as a toddler mess.

It may be adorable to scroll down on your Facebook newsfeed and see the barrage of adorable photos of toddlers with spaghetti sauce all of their face and meatballs and noodles scattered across the table an floor...but when that mess is yours to clean, all semblance of cutness flies right out of the window!

See, moms know the truth behind toddler messes. As adorable as toddlers are, their messy tendencies are something that push moms' sanity to the edge!

If you feel the same, the following list of hilariously accurate truths about toddler messes will have moms everywhere shouting, "AMEN!"

Check out the list (originally shared by Momtastic) and let us know if you agree:


1. Toddlers have few goals. The first is to walk. The second is to put things in their mouth. The third is to do both of those things while spreading drool-soaked detritus everywhere they go.

2. Snacking is a full contact sport.

3. Meals are the Mom Olympics of stain prevention.

things moms know about toddler messes

4. The messes can appear in impressively high locations, considering that the ones who put them there are the approximate height of a garden gnome.

5. Tiny hands can do terrible things with yogurt.

6. Potty training messes are not for the faint of heart.

7. The slowness with which a toddler will buckle herself into her carseat is in direct opposition to the speed with which she can completely destroy a room.

Do you agree so far? Check out the rest of these hilariously accurate toddler mess truths, and let us know if you can relate! 

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