7 Things that mothers miss after they’re done with breastfeeding

7 Things that mothers miss after they’re done with breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is such an amazing and wonderful experience for mothers, and most moms who are done with breastfeeding will tell you how much they miss it!

Breastfeeding is such a wonderful and amazing thing, and some moms actually miss it once their kids are finished with breastfeeding!

Here are 7 things that mothers mist after they're done with breastfeeding:

1. The very first time your child started breastfeeding

Remember the first time that you tried to breastfeed your child? It was funny, confusing, and amazing all at the same time. You'll definitely miss the first time your child latched on to your breast, and started feeding like crazy!

Truly, your first time as a breastfeeding mom is one of the best memories that you'll ever have.

2. The crazy positions your child gets into while breastfeeding

As your child grows older, their attention gets diverted towards a lot of things, even while you're breastfeeding. So you're trying to twist and contort yourself like an acrobat just to make sure your holding on properly to your child while they're breastfeeding!

3. Looking at your child's eyes while they're feeding

Remember how your child looks at you when they're breastfeeding? Just looking straight into your child's eyes makes you feel that everything is all right with the world. And so long as your child is happy and healthy, the world will always be wonderful.

4. The sweet sounds they make when they're feeding

You've probably heard your child mumble or make cute and funny sounds while they're breastfeeding. While they're just the normal sounds your child makes when they're breastfeeding, to your ears they sound like the sweetest songs.

Those sounds remind you of the bond that you have as a mother and child, and you'll surely miss it once your child grows older and stops breastfeeding.

5. The funny things they do with their hands

Kids tend to get grabby sometimes, and their hands can go everywhere while they're breastfeeding, even your face!

You'll definitely miss all of those funny moments and the way your child touches you.

6. Getting to know every inch of your child's face

The first time you started breastfeeding, we're sure that you've already memorized every inch of your beloved child's face. Those cute eyes, those funny little eyebrows, your baby's cute button nose; you made sure to know everything about your beloved child, and you're constantly amazed of how wonderful they are.

7. Simply being happy together

Breastfeeding is a moment in you and your child's life that can only be shared by the both of you. As they grow older, you'll get to have many moments together, but nothing beats the intimacy and the sweetness that a breastfeeding mother and her baby has.

It's one of the happiest moments that you'll have in your life. So make sure to treasure those moments.

Source: romper.com

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