7 Things that husbands wish their wives would stop doing

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Help keep your husband happy and prevent fights in your marriage by not doing any of these 10 things.

These 7 things can make your husband feel insecure, or even damage their self-esteem. So in order to keep your marriage and your husband happy, make sure to avoid these 7 things!

1. Comparing your husband to other people

Have you ever found yourself thinking that your husband could be more like someone else? Or maybe you're hoping that they change some of their habits to fit your idea of a'perfect husband'?

Well, while it's fine to have some expectations of your husband, it's important to never compare your husband to other people since it creates unrealistic expectations, and makes your husband feel inadequate, and insecure about themselves. It's important to love your husband for who he is, and appreciate him for being himself, imperfections and all.

2. Talking about your marital problems with other people first instead of your husband

While it's okay to ask for advice from your friends and family whenever you and your husband have problems, it's always best to talk about it one-on-one with your husband first. There are also some problems that should be kept between the both of you, so it's just as important to practice discretion when it comes to what you tell other people.

3. Being too jealous of female friends or co-workers

Blame it on the recent popularity of films and teleseryes featuring infidelity, but these days more and more women feel like their husbands are cheating on them, when they're really not. While it's true that there are men who cheat, it doesn't mean that all mean are cheaters. Some women get jealous to a point that it affects their husband's relationships with friends and co-workers, and some wives even tell their husbands not to have any female friends.

Trust is very important in a relationship, and just because a man has close female friends doesn't mean that he's cheating. It's better

4. Blaming your husband whenever your kid does something wrong

Are you familiar with these lines? "Yang anak mo kasi eh!" or "Yan kasi, nagmana sa tatay!"

While these might seem innocuous at first, maybe even funny for some people, they actually carry some bitterness and resentment towards your husband. It's like you're blaming your husband for the bad things that your child does without even realizing that both of you are the child's parents, and its both of your responsibilities to teach and discipline your child.

5. Constantly fighting with your in-laws

Sometimes, you really just can't get along with your in-laws, no matter how hard you try. But that's not an excuse to fight or argue with them constantly. They're your husband's parents, and even if you don't always see eye to eye, they deserve your respect. So it's important to at least try and be civil with them. You don't have to be extremely close, but you should always show appreciation and make them feel welcome in your home whenever they visit.

6. Making him feel that he's always wrong

This is especially true when it comes to taking care of the kids. Most people think that dads aren't as good as moms when it comes to taking care of the kids. While in some cases that's true, these days, dads also want to be more involved when it comes to raising their children.

Gone are the days when the dad just goes to work, and barely takes care of his children. These days, parents need to work together to help take care of their child and guide them down the right path. Which is why it's important for moms to not make dads feel inferior since parenting is both a mother and a father's job.

Dads might not get everything right the first time, but that doesn't mean you should make your husband feel bad about it. Just guide him through what he needs to do, and teach him the right way, without criticizing him.

7. Nagging too much

Men can be very stubborn, but that's no reason to constantly nag your husband, especially if it's just about minor things since nagging makes your husband feel annoyed, and frustrated. If you feel that your husband isn't listening to you, you should instead talk to him about how you feel, instead of nagging him or annoying him so he does what you're saying.

There's no need to nag your husband if you just sit him down and talk to him properly. That way, he understands what he has to do, and it doesn't make him feel that you're nagging.

Source: familyshare.com

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