10 Things that mean moms have in common

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Children need their nutrition, and you will force them to eat it. It doesn’t matter how much they hate vegetables.

Let’s put it this way – some moms are considered to be ‘mean’ to their children, but it doesn’t mean mothers are actually wicked or bad people. Kids (and everybody else) know they are amazing and awesome, but at times, do not agree with certain things that mummies do, which in turn gets a thumbs down from them.

Being a mean mum helps raise respectful, decent human beings. That’s what mum Meredith Ethington says in her Scary Mommy article, and in it she shares the ten signs that you are a mean mother.

1. You make our kids clean up their own messes

“Much to the dismay of my firstborn who is now 9 years old, I’m so mean that sometimes I make my kids wipe the counter and clean up their own crumbs,” Meredith says. “If they walk around while simultaneously destroying the kitchen by eating cookies because they are doing jumping jacks, they will have to get out the vacuum and clean it up.”

10 Things that mean moms have in common

2. You make them take responsibility

Every action has its consequence: if they forgot to do their homework, they will turn it in late. If they are caught lying, they will be punished. In brief, children will be held accountable for their actions.

3. You make them wear clothing that will protect them from the weather and/or help them not look homeless

If it’s cold, you make them wear a jacket. If they will be in public, you make them wear decent clothes that are ironed and have no holes.

10 Things that mean moms have in common

4. You sometimes don’t play with them so they’ll have to use their imaginations

“I’m so mean, my kids know it’s not my job to entertain them,” shares Meredith. “Yes, we do fun stuff together, but sometimes I say no, and they have to use their imaginations.”

5. You make them earn their rewards

Everything has its price. If they demand a cellphone, they first have to prove that they’re responsible enough to get it. They want a treat? They should first do something worthy of that treat. Just because your children want something doesn’t mean they’re going to get it.

10 Things that mean moms have in common

6. You make them do chores (sometimes without an allowance)

“Mean mums love to make their kids do chores. We don’t even pay them for it sometimes. Instead, our kids learn that being in a family means everyone chips in. And that means sometimes they don’t get to play until they finish their work.”

7. You don’t allow stuff other parents are doing

Your house, your rules. Just because some hip mum allows her children to see a movie or buys her children expensive stuff without rhyme or reason doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. What works for other families won’t necessarily mean they will work for yours.

10 Things that mean moms have in common

8. You make them eat something other than mac and cheese for every meal

Children need their nutrition, and you will force them to eat it. It doesn’t matter how much they hate vegetables; they’re better than junk food and sweets that contain toxic, artificial colorings and flavors.

9. You ignore them sometimes

“When they throw a massive tantrum, or are screaming because they didn’t get their way, mean moms walk away and ignore it,” says Meredith. “If they keep begging, we’re experts at locking ourselves in a closet and pretending they aren’t there.”

10 Things that mean moms have in common

10. You teach them that the world does not revolve around them

“By definition, mean moms don’t put up with any crap. And the world doesn’t revolve around our kids. OK, it kind of does, but we don’t need to let them know that, do we? Of course we don’t. Because we’re the meanest moms ever. And we kinda like it that way.”

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