10 Things that your child needs to see you do

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In order to grow up into a well-rounded adult, your child needs to see you do these 10 things.

It's important for your child to see you doing these 10 things in front of them since it will let them develop into well-rounded and loving adults.

1. Crying

Some kids are taught that crying is a sign of weakness, and thus they grow up avoiding crying or becoming too emotional. And when they feel emotional, they usually release it in an unhealthy way.

Showing your kids that you cry is important because it shows them that it's okay to cry and that it's nothing to be ashamed about.

2. Struggling

Letting your kids see you struggling shows them that struggling with problems and difficulties is a normal part of life. Showing your child how you personally overcome your struggles goes a long way towards teaching them resilience and strength of character.

3. Kissing your spouse

Kissing your spouse shows that you love them, and lets your kids know that it's okay to be affectionate. Kids need to see their parents being romantic so that they themselves can know and understand how important love is in a relationship.

4. Exercising

Showing your kids that you exercise lets them know early on that exercise and keeping fit is an important part of their daily life.

5. Being smart with money

If your kids often see you spending a lot of money willy-nilly, then chances are, they won't be smart with their money when they grow up. That's why it's a good idea to show your kids that you're budgeting your finances, saving money, and making wise decisions when it comes to your spending.

6. Praying

Religion and spirituality is important to your child's growth. Make sure that they participate in church activities, and that you make prayer a constant part of your life.

7. Volunteering

Volunteering or helping other people out is a good way to motivate your kids to do the same. Start a spirit of volunteerism in your kids while they're young, and they'll grow up to be more compassionate and loving human beings.

8. Learning

Encourage your kids to constantly focus on learning new things. It's important for them to always be curious about the world around them and treat new experiences as a learning experience.

9. Doing creative things

Creativity helps engage your child's mind and encourages them to express themselves through art. Let your child hear you sing, watch you dance, or look at you paint. Getting them started on being artistic at a young age can really help them become creative thinkers once they grow up.

10. Being a good person

Lastly, show your child how it is to be a good person. Be kind to others, be thoughtful, be loving, and your child will acquire those habits for themselves.

Source: parenting.com

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