What should I consider before hiring a Confinement Nanny?

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Wondering what you need to consider before hiring a confinement nanny? Learn more about confinement and find out some useful tips on hiring a nanny here...

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Need a confinement nanny? Consider these facts before hiring one

What is a confinement nanny? Can a new mother survive without one?

I didn’t hire a confinement nanny when I had my son. I was blessed that my Mum happily took on the job because it was her first grandson.

She helped me look after my son while cooking delicious meals (with just a touch of ginger as I really can’t stand meals with too much ginger in them) and handled the washing.

I had time to rest and recover from my birthing wounds while she had ample quality time with her grandson before returning to Malaysia after being with us for over a month. But, would I do the same self sacrificing act when it’s my son’s turn to be a father?

Unfortunately, my cooking skills are a far cry from my Mum’s and I really don’t like hand-washing countless layers of nappy cloth! I think I would happily hire a confinement nanny for him and his wife. Alternatively, I’ll source around for good tingkat services for confinement.

Confinement is practiced differently all over the world and the role that confinement nannies play are different too. But to me, a confinement nanny is someone who will help the new mother with the care of her baby in order to ease her transition process from a carefree childless woman to a mother of a bundle of joy and often, frustratingly enough, unstoppable tears!

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If you have any other tips to share on hiring a confinement nanny, let us know in the comments below!

Apart from this primary duty, the confinement nanny would be expected to cook nutritious confinement dishes to revive the health of the new mother as well as tend to some household chores related to the care of the baby such as washing the baby’s clothes and milk bottles.

“Do I really need a confinement nanny?”

Therefore, before you begin your search for your confinement nanny, ask this searching question and answer it honestly:

“Do I really need a confinement nanny?”

If your mother, mother in law or any other close relatives are willing to help you out during the first few months of your child’s birth, then there really isn’t a need to hire a confinement nanny.

More so, if you currently have a domestic helper who can cook and clean. It’s easy to find tasty confinement food recipes on the internet although I am confident that your mother/mother in law has a few secret confinement recipes in their family cookbook.

However, if your mother/mother in law is unable to assist you due to health or work reasons and you do not have anyone else you can turn to, do seek the assistance of your friends who had previously hired confinement nannies.

This is a good approach to take as your friends would have had first hand experience of having the particular nanny work for them and they can fill you in on her efficiencies, manners and even quirky behaviours. That way, you will be well informed of your potential confinement nanny.

If your friends have never hired any confinement nannies before, all is not lost. You can join motherhood/parenting forums online (this one is a good start!) and post a query on “Wanted: Confinement Nanny”. Many mothers have journeyed on this road that you are travelling on and would only be too happy to help.

src=http://ph.theasianparent.com/wp content/uploads/2013/11/Screen Shot 2013 11 19 at 16.16.38.png What should I consider before hiring a Confinement Nanny?

You may find that you don’t need a confinement nanny if you have a family member or friend that can fulfil the job!

If you use an agency, do request testimonials and references by other mothers who have hired the particular confinement nanny who has been offered to you. You can also request to meet the confinement nanny in person, preferably at her home and interview her.

It’s good to see her in an environment where she is comfortable so you can pick out snippets of her true character. You can discuss the exact scope of work to be undertaken by the confinement nanny in order to avoid misunderstanding in the future.

Please check with the agency for the exact terms and conditions of your engagement of the confinement nanny. Will the agency give you a replacement confinement nanny if things don’t work out? Are there any cancellation or hidden fees?

The key thing to achieve is that both you and your confinement nanny know what is expected of each other. You should have a realistic expectation that your confinement nanny is not your domestic helper so it will be much easier for you to resolve any conflicts if and when they arise.

She certainly has the right to refuse your request to water the plants in your garden and she is clear of her scope of work (or your preference to a particular style of cooking),

Finding a suitable confinement nanny takes patience, time and research. So, start early, be realistic and be flexible. I wish you the best of luck!

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