10 Things you need to know about newborns

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Here's a list of funny, cute, and amazing things that you need to know about your newborn!

1. Your newborn will look a bit 'funny' when you first see him

If you first see your newborn and think that they look a bit 'funny' or don't look as cute as you expected, that's totally normal! It's to be expected since your newborn's head might be a bit smooshed since he just came out of the birth canal. He'll also probably be covered with a fine

He'll also probably be covered with a fine coat of hair called 'lanugo'. He'll also look a bit puffy, and his eyes are shut. But pretty soon you'll see your newborn turn into a super cute and lovely baby!

2. Your newborn won't smile until she's 6 weeks old

Don't worry if your newborn doesn't smile or laugh a lot during the first few weeks. However, it's important to bond with your baby and soothe them whenever they cry.

Your newborn starts developing an emotional bond with you as soon as she's out of the womb, so it's important to hold your child and shower her with love!

3. Only sponge baths until their umbilical cord falls off

Your child's umbilical cord falls off faster if it's kept dry. So until that happens, make sure to only give your child sponge baths.

Besides, newborns don't really get dirty, so there's no need for a full bath just yet.

4. Don't worry too much about the soft spot on their head

Some parents get so scared of the soft spot on their newborn's head, called the fontanel. But it's really okay to touch it or if you're washing your baby, you can use a soft sponge on that area.

Of course, you still need to be careful with your baby, but there's no need to avoid touching their soft spot.

5. Your newborn will let you know if she's full

Your probably wondering how you'll know if your newborn is full right? Well, the easiest way would be to check their weight!

Newborns usually lose around 5-8% of their birth weight during the first week, but they quickly gain it back during the second. Diapers are also a good indicator of how much food your child is getting. An average of 5-6 diapers usually means your newborn is getting enough.

6. It's normal for your newborn to have dry skin

If you see your newborn's skin flaking off, don't worry too much about it since it's normal for newborns to experience some dryness. After all, they spent 9 months sloshing around inside your tummy!

If you're worried, then you can use a hypoallergenic baby lotion to keep their skin soft and moisturized.

7. Don't worry too much about taking your newborn out and about

You can take your newborn out if you want to, just make sure to avoid sick people, exposing your child in the sun, and crowded places.

8. You probably already know this, but babies really cry a lot!

Babies cry a lot because that's the only way that they know how to communicate. So if you see hear baby crying, they probably need something from you. Maybe food, or sometimes they just want you to be close to them!

9. Your newborn will probably be asleep for most of the day

Newborns sleep a lot, but not for long stretches. They usually need to feed every 2-3 hours, so you'll need to constantly be ready for feeding time! It can be stressful, but after the first few months, your baby will start sleeping for longer stretches and you'll finally have some time to rest and relax.

10. You'll definitely miss the newborn stage

As stressful and scary the newborn stage is, it will be one of the most memorable times in your life as a parent. So make sure to make the most of it.

Source: parents.com

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