Things you CAN do when pregnant

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But I’m sure as you spread the joyful news of your pregnancy, you are bound to be hit with rather strange pieces of advice. This week, we separate the old wives’ tale from the truth and give you a list of what you really can do while being pregnant, even if the old mom-in-law advices you against it!

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Here are some things you can do during pregnancy

Things you CAN do when pregnant

“Throw the cat out! It’ll make you and the baby growing inside sick.”

“Don’t dye your hair. The chemicals are bad for your baby.”

“No make up! Your baby will be born with a funny face!”

“No bathing until you deliver, okay?”

OK, maybe the last statement was a bit overboard. But we’re sure that as you share the joyful news of your pregnancy, you will probably be hit with these strange pieces of advice.

That’s why we want to separate the old wives’ tales — or pamahiin as we say in the Philippines — from the truth and give you a list of what you really can do while being pregnant, even other people advise you against it!

Acupuncture and massages

Acupuncture during pregnancy reduces backache, joint pain, morning sickness and fatigue and helps you to maintain balance. However, it’s always advisable to discuss this with your doctor before you start any acupuncture sessions while being pregnant.


As your belly gets bigger, you begin feeling more uncomfortable and your back aches more often. You wonder if getting a massage is all right — just to take those aches and pains away.

Well, wonder no more!

According to researchers at the Touch Research Institute of the University of Miami School of Medicine, massage therapy is beneficial to pregnant women. Those who were part of the study reported a decrease in feeling of depression, anxiety and pain, and also had other benefits during and after labor.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and get yourself a massage!

If you do decide to get a massage, take note of the following points:

  • Look for a place that has a massage table with a cut-out for your belly.
  • Massages are known to cause contractions of the womb so stop immediately if you feel any strong contractions.
  • Always consult your doctor before you go for a massage, so that you will know what precautions to take and what to avoid during your massage.


The concern over chemicals being absorbed into the bloodstream when dyeing your hair is large and relatively fair. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), it is probably safe for pregnant women to use hair dyes, as very little dye is absorbed through your skin.

However, it’s still better to be careful, so it may be best to use permanent hair dyes after your first trimester. Also, it is best to avoid hair dyes that contain ammonia, which has a strong chemical fume. Breathing fumes may be harmful to the baby growing in your womb.

Hairy business

As your baby grows and as your belly gets bigger, it will become more challenging to shave your legs if you’re accustomed to doing so. There might even be areas on your body where there’s more hair growth — like around your belly, nipples and other unwanted places.

Fear not though — even if you can’t shave or tweeze those areas, or don’t have the energy to do so, the extra hair usually falls off after you give birth.

If, however, you want to be hairless, even if it’s just on your legs, you can ask your partner or someone else to help shave those hairy areas.

Hello baby, goodbye doggy?

So you’re blessed with a baby growing in you but now you have a question: Is it time to get rid of the family pet?

The answer: No. But you do need to be careful.

If you’re a pet owner and pregnant, the general rule to follow is this: Stay away from any feces or droppings from your pet. This means you should never clean out litter trays or unexpected ‘accidents’ left by your beloved furry friend.

If you own a cat, you should also not do any gardening in places where your feline companion has done its business.

Following this rule will help you avoid getting toxoplasmosis, which is a dangerous disease that affects the brains and eyes of babies that are still developing in the womb.


While there may be many more things other people will say you can’t do while you’re pregnant, always keep in mind that not everything may be valid. Do your research —a simple Google search may provide you with the answers you need.

Of course, as with everything else that concerns your pregnancy, it’s always best to consult your doctor.


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