Time for an all-pampering shower at the click of a button!

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Every mom needs a little me-time and sometimes a shower is the only opportunity she gets. With the latest offerings from Hansgrohe, leading innovators in the international sanitation industry, showers just got more luxurious and indulgent. Read this article to find out how.

Life is never certain. But as a Mom, there are two inescapable certainties.

First certainty: your work is never quite done – the to-do things get crossed off, yet the list remains frustratingly long. There is always yet another birthday present to buy, fire to put out, meal to cook. Rinse and repeat.

Second certainty: “me-time” is as mystical as unicorns. There is always someone needing your attention, wanting something from you, especially if your kids are young.

But on the rare chance when the moon turns blue and the horses start riding our skies, you want to really savor the moments and soak in the bliss.

Literally, soak in the bliss.

Introducing the Hansgrohe bathroom fittings – beautiful, luxurious and classic on the outside, creating your own zone of pleasure and wellbeing with a simple click of a button.

With these gorgeous fittings, a shower is no longer just a shower, it is a pampering ritual which you will want to stretch out for as long as you can. And the best part is, with the Hansgrohe fittings, you can pamper yourself -– anytime, anyday.

An all-around comfort system at the press of a button

With its convenient Select technology and three different overhead shower sprays, the new Raindance Select E 300 3jet Showerpipe revolutionizes the idea of a shower from mundane to luxuriant.

shower units in singapore

Raindance Select E 300 3jet Showerpipe is an integrated shower system that operates on the touch of a button.

Bathroom and sanitation specialist, Hansgrohe, a renowned brand in state-of-the-art bathroom and sanitation fittings, has combined high-end design elements with the new Hansgrohe Select technology to create a harmonious shower system where water pleasure can be controlled with the simple click of a button.

The large-surface overhead shower and the high-quality shower arm, the flush-mounted flat profile and the stylish thermostat mean that daily showers are a luxurious experience in itself.

This integrated shower system, which is controlled by a simple button, represents the ultimate in comfort and shower pleasure.

Shower units in singapore

You can adjust your spray settings with the click of a button!

And if you love to splurge on bath gels and shampoos, buying up every scent you fancy, but never have enough space for everything you really need, you will love the ShowerTablet Select 300. It doubles as an intelligent shower control unit and a beautiful shelf space. Now your precious little bottles of scented heaven will have pride of place.

All the control elements of the ShowerTablet Select 300 are arranged at the front for easy access. A simple push of a button is all it takes to turn the various shower functions on or off. The temperature can be set with exact precision to ensure it is just that temperature you are most comfortable with – no more trial and error shocks of over-cold water or annoying too-hot sprays. We guarantee you will go “ahhh” as you feel the water – just the way you like it – cascade over your tired muscles.


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