Tipid Mommy Shares: Grocery shopping hacks to help you save!

Tipid Mommy Shares: Grocery shopping hacks to help you save!

Take note of these tipid hacks the next time you go grocery shopping to make the most out of your budget!

“Hala! Nag-over budget ako!”

Are these words part of your post-battle cry every time you do the grocery? Can you also relate to emotional buying as I do? It’s so tough to say ‘No’ to my hubby and kids when they ask for me to buy things for them at the grocery.

There were even instances when I didn’t buy what was on my list.

But on our journey to living a simple and practical life (or should I say tipid living) we’ve discovered our mistakes and some techniques that helped us save from our grocery expenses.

Sharing with you some of the strategies that we’re currently doing to help us stick to our budget when we do the grocery.

Don’t shop when hungry

This is one of the most common tips of thrifty moms. Why? Because we tend to get carbo-loaded food and sweets when we shop hungry. It will also be difficult for us to stick to our list because we tend to rush.

Always bring a list (plan your purchase)

Plan your meal and buy only what’s needed. I am a chocolate and chips lover (please don’t judge me, we all have our weaknesses!). So, if our budget permits we set aside “happy meal fund” for some sweet treats and chips. By planning our purchase and listing what’s only needed, it will help us not to overspend.

Tipid Mommy Shares: Grocery shopping hacks to help you save!

Skip the ‘dangerous’ aisles when you take your kids grocery shopping.

Check out the lower part of the grocery shelves

Part of grocery stores marketing strategies is to put premium and high cost products within eye level. Have you noticed that they place the affordable products on the bottom shelf?

Don’t buy bulk if not needed

I know that buying in bulk can save us money in the long run. But at some cases, we don’t have to purchase too much if we only need one? We should also consider the freshness and expiration date of the products if you’ll store it for a long period of time.

Always compare prices

Record the prices of your regular consumption from different stores so you have a guide to when and where to get it at the best price.

Get supermarket generic brand

Buying generic brands of dish washing liquid, sanitizer and others instead of buying commercial brands are way more cheaper.

Get reward cards

I love reward cards! If you have a favorite grocery store, why not get their membership card and earn points while you shop, we had so many purchases that we’ve got for free from our card points.

Stick to your budget (bring a calculator)

Don’t let your purchases dictate your grocery bill. By planning your purchase and knowing their price you can check beforehand how much you are going to spend. Keep a calculator handy, don’t be embarrassed to return items if you go over budget. Stick to the needs instead of wants. This is the tough part. I am also guilty of this. It requires prayers for self-control and discipline, mommies.

Upload your receipt and get cash back

I love this application I found online here, you can get cash back whenever you upload your receipts from groceries and even drug store purchases. Check it out, mommies! I’d have more points, but I often shop at the wet market.

Do you have your own shopping hacks? Share it here so we can become grocery experts! 

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