Tips on how to deal with bad neighbors

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Even the most wonderful neighborhoods can be ruined if you have bad neighbors. So it would be best to know what you can do to address the issue peacefully.

Your home life doesn't only involve everything that happens at home, but it can also involve the people who live around you. Even the most wonderful neighborhoods can  be ruined if you have bad neighbors. They can cause problems for you and your family, and can even be a cause of problems at home.

Here are some of the types of bad neighbors, and here's what you can do about them:

The racket makers: The usual suspects here are the screaming moms,

The property line fanatics: Someone who trims all the trees around his boundary, and then sends you the bill for it.

The slob: Like the neighbor that lets the grass grow and leaves trash cans out days after pickup (make sure you're not the slob!).

The careless pet owner: That neighbor who leaves "you know what" around the neighborhood.

The extreme weirdos: Drunks, drug dealers, and the neighbor that never says anything.


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