Toddler abandoned in shopping mall - Please "Share" to find her parents!

Toddler abandoned in shopping mall - Please "Share" to find her parents!

News of a toddler abandoned in SM North has created headlines. Please share this post until someone who can identify the parents of this girl contacts DSWD.

Dated December 2014, Facebook user Gila Salvador posted a status update regarding a little girl who was seemingly abandoned by her parents with nothing but a milk bottle in Blue Magic, SM North. Here is the whole post:

While waiting for the incident report for my stolen phone, I noticed a little girl walking around the room. I asked who she was, or if she was with anyone. Apparently, she was found at Blue Magic with her milk bottle all alone, crying her eyes out. She was brought to the customer service office at 2:00 PM and til now (8:00 PM) no one has been claiming her. Everyone is starting to think she was left on purpose.  The office staff had to buy diapers and milk because of how long she was there. It was just so sad seeing a little girl like her all alone. She didn’t even want the guard (who found her) to leave, she kept on crying and screaming if the guard was going to leave and go to his post. It was like he was her only hope for company.  Sadly, if the mall closes she’ll be turned over to DSWD, and might be off for adoption if not claimed at all. 

Here are some photos of the little girl taken from Gila Salvador's Facebook Account:



Gila released an update announcing that the child is now under the custody of DSWD and that the little girl had indeed been abandoned by her parents.


If anyone has information regarding the identity of the little girl or her parents, please contact the DSWD immediately. You can send them a tweet @savestreetkids and @dswdserves or call DSWD trunklines Tel. (632)931-81-01 to 07.

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