Toddler Development: Your 15-month-old

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Nerve-wracking times for parents as your wee one goes off into the world without a care for danger. This stage of toddler development is all about fearlessly moving and exploring. Your task is to keep your little one safe and sound and all loved up. If only we could have eyes in the back of our heads.

Oh, look how adorably your little one toddles off… into a busy street. This stage of toddler development is cause for many a parental heart attack.

Your sweet wee one is busy discovering the world with no sense of danger. Really, it’s a big compliment to you: he doesn’t know fear because he has not experienced pain.

But you might want to invest in some soft mats and foam tiles for your hard wooden or tiled flooring, and some calming essential oils for yourself!

Physical Development

If your busy explorer has been walking for while, now he will up the ante. It’s all about escaping to go on a quest for discovery in this toddler development stage.

Be prepared for bursts of speed while out walking, and frantic antics to free himself from his high chair. He might also be trying to climb out of his cot, roll off the sofa, and hide inside cupboards and on shelves.

Now you know why furniture shops recommend you nail the book shelves to the wall!

Right now, it seems as if your little one is always on the move. He is climbing up stairs on hands and feet, or standing if you help him. He’s dancing to the music you are playing, he might even be throwing balls!

Watch out, he still has no sense of direction, so those balls (and other toys…) could end up anywhere. So try to be more patient, his lack of aim is all part of toddler development.

It’s not unusual if your walking toddler decides to go back to crawling for a little bit. Walking on two feet is tiring and unstable, so he might just decide to take a rest and do the bear walk.

Don’t worry, soon enough he’ll be back on his feet–and running as well!

In fine motor skills, he is starting to master the pincher grasp. This will allow him to begin scribbling with intent. This might also be a good moment to find a place up high to keep pencils and crayons, if you’d like to preserve the colour of your walls.

The pincher grasp will enable your toddler to eat less messily, although at first the difference doesn’t seem that big! 

Continue reading to learn more about toddler development at 15 months. Next up is Cognitive and Social Development

Toddler Development