Toddler development: Your 16-month-old

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Your little one is entering a whole new world: the one he makes up himself! It's the birth of his imagination. Creativity, problem solving, fun and games are ahead in this stage of toddler development. Find out what other exciting things your tot can do now!

Did you notice your tiny tot go “vroom vroom” with his car? You’re watching the birth of his imagination! This is the next stage of cognitive toddler development.

His inner life is no longer confined to what he sees in front of his eyes. This is the beginning of games, stories, a rich fantasy life, as well as the seeds of creativity and problem solving.

Physical Development

This is also the time to develop eyes in the back of your head and to always have your ears out on stalks. Where is your little one? What is he up to? Did you just hear the box of blocks hit the floor? Again?

Your 16-month-old angel is working hard on his toddler development by practicing climbing, running, reaching, grabbing and throwing. It can be exasperating, especially as his tidying away skills still leave a lot to be desired.

If he is a confident walker, this is the time when he will begin to take his waddling skills to the next level. He might be attempting to walk with toys or stuffed animals in his hands and hand those to you. Or he could be trying to walk backwards!

He loves nothing better than to take a walk outside with you, inspecting plants, flowers and watching cars, buses and trains pass by. Other favorite outings include the beach to play with sand toys and dip in the ocean, the pond to watch turtles and fishes, the park to throw a ball or even just the playground downstairs.

He might be too small still for a lot of the climbing equipment, but he’ll be thrilled to see all the “big” two- and three-year-olds climbing and sliding. And it’s by watching them that he’ll learn how to do it himself!

Continue reading to learn more about toddler development at 16 months. Next up is Cognitive Development. Read on to learn our tips to get your little typhoon to sit still for story time!

Toddler Development