Toddler falls to death in China after being left alone in an elevator

We don’t even know how to start.

This incident is just too sad for words…

Toddler falls to death in China

What makes it even more depressing is that only little children were involved; so many questions are left unanswered…

On July 3, 2-year-old toddler Lili, fell to her death from her apartment building in Hunan, China. CCTV footage later gave vital clues on what had actually happened.

In the video, Lili is seen getting into the lift with an older girl and a boy (around 5 years of age). Floor number 9 has been pressed; the boy is later seen reaching high to press the 18th-floor button.


When the lift reaches the 9th floor, all three children are seen exiting, but the boy picks Lili up and puts her back into the lift! He is also seen standing in front of the door to make sure she does not run out again.


The door closes, leaving the little girl alone inside the lift.

Little Lili is seen banging on the lift door several times in an attempt to open it. The lift stops again on the 18th floor and the final scene of the video shows the toddler exiting the lift.


Only, she was found dead later, after reportedly falling down 17 floors.

Investigations revealed that security measures were not in place on the 18th floor; the guardrail was inadequate, and there was no protective glass, leaving the building open to the outside.

Police are currently investigating the case.

This is the video that ends with the little girl’s exit from the lift…It’s really heartbreaking to think of what might have happened next…

Who is to blame?

Our heart bleeds for this little girl and her parents, who will never get to see their princess again…

Netizens have expressed shock over the incident, and many have blasted the boy for what seems like a cruel prank. They have also expressed outrage over the lack of safety measures on the 18th floor.

Also, so many questions remain…Where were the little girl’s parents? Why were the kids alone in the lift?

We may never get to know these answers…for now, this tragedy serves as an eye-opener to remind ourselves to always leave our little ones in safe hands. Children are children after all, they cannot be trusted to take care of other young children for long periods of time.

(Source: People’s Daily, China)

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