Sobbing toddler refuses to eat dinner because it's 'too cute'

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"Why are you crying?" "It's just too, too cute."

Many moms struggle with getting their kids to eat their vegetables but one mom, one mom's problem is a bit different.

After all her efforts to make food art out of her toddler's dinner, the last thing she was probably expecting was that her toddler would have the most adorable meltdown ever.


When his mom tried to find out exactly why he's crying, he explains, "You never make something like this for me."


The boy was stumped as to what should be done with the dish. He was just 100% sure he wasn't going to have it for dinner.


But what was the too-cute dinner made of? It appeared to be cut-up hotdogs plated in such a way that it forms a smiley face.

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He protests and maintains that the its cuteness renders it inedible. (But, of course!)


Being a good mom, she tried to calm him down by making it less cute but the sweet boy is just way too attached to his smiley dinner.



He sobs as he says he wants his dinner to keep smiling. Now, if only we could get this cutie to do the same.

Watch the entire adorable meltdown unfold here.

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