Toddlers die in an apartment fire while mom does laundry outside

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When the fire broke out and began to spread, the neighbors tried to save the two girls; they failed despite their efforts.

Two toddler sisters in New York City died in an apartment fire while their mother was outside at the laundromat. According to reports, the fire started with a burning incense.

“The girls were home alone at the time of the blaze while their mother was at a laundromat across the street,” according to CBS News.

“The girls’ mother was seen on surveillance video at a laundromat across the street at the time of the fire, which broke out in apartment 3F at the Butler Houses around 6 p.m. Wednesday.”

Toddlers Die in an Apartment Fire While Mom Does Laundry Outside

Photo credit: CBS New York

When the fire broke out and began to spread, the neighbors tried to save the two girls; they failed despite their efforts.

“We heard kids crying, but it was too black and we couldn’t breathe,” said neighbor Daven Jackson.

Another neighbor, Gladys Dozier, said, “I was in here and I heard the babies crying and I thought somebody was in there with them.”

The fire injured ten people, including several firefighters. It isn’t yet clear if changes will be filed against the mother.

Preventing fires in the house

Now that summer is upon us, we must treat every item in the household with extra caution: Everything has a potential to burn. Here are some pointers on how to keep your house safe this season of fires:

Conduct a fire drill

Consider different fire locations and make sure everyone participates. Everyone has to be out within 2 minutes and at the designated meeting place. Do this at least annually. This will not only keep the knowledge fresh in everyone’s minds, but it will also allow you to spot any new obstructions or hazards.

Check fire exits

There should be at least two ways to escape from every room—and everyone in the household should know. All rooms used for sleeping should have a big-enough window to the outside of the house.

Check appliances

Have a licensed electrician check for overloading, especially when you increase the number of appliances. To avoid overheating, there should be enough space around the appliance.

Keep fire and heat away from combustible materials

Do not leave Christmas lights on overnight and make sure that they are placed far from curtains. Never smoke in bed and never leave candles unattended.

Teach the children

Regularly remind them about the dangers of fire, matches and lighters. Keep them out of reach!

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