Toni Gonzaga talks about her experiences as a first time mom

Toni Gonzaga talks about her experiences as a first time mom

Actress Toni Gonzaga opens up and shares her experiences as a first time mom, and the challenges that she faced along the way.

Being a mom isn't an easy task. And Toni Gonzaga, mother of baby Seve, can definitely attest to that!

"We were very excited but also a bit worried"

In an interview during Toni's launch as a Pampers endorser last January 27 at the Grand Baby Fair in SM Megamall, the first-time mom shared that she and her husband Paul Soriano felt overwhelmed when they discovered that they were going to be parents.

She shares, "We were very excited but also a bit worried coming into parenthood for the first time. Like many first-time moms, I am constantly questioning if my choices are meeting all of his needs."

Indeed, there's really no way for any woman to prepare for being a mom. The reality is that no amount of preparation can make you completely ready for motherhood. It's just something that you need to handle on day at a time, and you'll eventually figure it out.

And for Toni Gonzaga, her hard work and her dedication to being a mother seems to be working out just fine.

On disciplining her son, Seve

Toni adds that now that her son is a year old, it's important for them to teach him proper discipline.

She also mentioned that between her and husband Paul, she's more of a disciplinarian.

"Between me and Paul, I guess I’m more the disciplinarian."

"I don’t wanna say strict, cause in a way I’m also lenient. Because he’s a one-year-old, how can you really discipline a one-year-old? But what I do with Seve is that I acknowledge whenever he’s feeling something that he wants to do and I want to correct it," she shares.

Toni also shared with us one of the most important pieces of advice that she got from a fellow parent:

"When a baby does something that is bad, you can't say ‘No, don’t do that, that’s bad’ because he doesn’t understand that right away.

"But if he’s crying because he wants to get something that’s not good for him or would hurt him, you say that 'I know you want to play with that toy, I know you want to get that toy, but it would hurt you, it’s really dangerous for you.'

"Acknowledge first that he wants something, and then you tell him the consequence. You don't parang, cut him off or tell him it's a bad thing, or it's a bad idea without him understanding what's going on."


Photos from: Pampers

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