10 Tricks to get your baby to sleep when you’re exhausted

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Here are strategies that can help you put your baby to sleep, so you can finally get some much needed rest, too!

Tiredness and sleepless nights are nothing new to parents. But what if you’re little one can’t seem to snooze when you’re dying to get some sleep. Here are some tricks worth trying, which will hopefully help you and your little one catch some Zs!

1. Swaddle and sway

Keeping your baby snugly wrapped in a swaddle can soothe and relax them. Swaying them gently will also help!

2. Hold them

Not only does the physical closeness provide warmth, it also has an emotionally calming effect. It makes them feel secure and relaxed!

3. Feed them

This is one easy way for your little one to drift off; it doesn’t matter if they are breastfed or bottle-fed.

10 Tricks to get your baby to sleep when you’re exhausted

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4. Play white nose

Who says white noise machines were only for grown-ups? Playing ambient, calming sounds and music workds for kids, too!

5. Sing to them

Use a soft, low voice when singing songs you know they enjoy!

6. Story time!

This mostly works for older babies and toddlers. Try reading dialogue in a low, quite voice to soothe them.

7. Don’t change their diaper

Make sure to use super absorbent nappies! Changing them frequently through the night jolts them awake, making them more alert. This makes putting them back to sleep even more of a challenge.

8. Darken the room

You can use blackout curtains or leave a nightlight on. The important thing is to keep lighting dim or dark so as to avoid overly stimulating or waking your little one.

9. Don’t make nap time too comfy

This may sound like bad advice, but not letting them sleep too deeply during the day will help them sleep through the night. Place their crib in a well-lit area and don’t keep the house too quiet during their daytime naps. This makes them more attuned to falling asleep when it’s nighttime.

10. Warm them up

A cold room and bed isn’t very relaxing for babies. Make sure the sheets are warm and the temperature isn’t too cold.

Remember: it’s important to consult your pediatrician when it comes to your little one’s sleeping issues.

What sleep tricks would you share with your fellow moms and dads? Let us know in the comments below!

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