5 dangerous toys that you should never give to your toddler

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Toys are fun, and also a good way to keep your kid busy. However, you should make sure never to give these toys to your kid!

Toys are a great way not only to keep your kids busy, but to also help stimulate their senses and boost their development. However, not all toys are safe for your kids, and here's a list of toys that you should avoid.

1. Cellphones, remote controls, anything that's not an actual toy

While it might keep your kid distracted, cellphones and other similar gadgets aren't exactly the safest thing for your child. Giving your toddler a cellphone to play with can be potentially dangerous, as they might try and put it in their mouth, and accidentally get electrocuted.

The same thing goes for remote controls, as the kids might find a way to open it, take out the batteries, and accidentally swallow them or even choke on them. Never ever give your child anything that's not an actual toy, as there are a lot of things that can go wrong.

2. Small toys that can become a choking hazard

These include marbles, toys with small parts that can be detached, and anything similar. As a rule, any toy you give your child should not fit inside the cardboard tube in a roll of toilet paper. If a toy your kid has fits inside it, chances are they might be able to swallow it and potentially become a choking hazard.

Any toys with sharp or jagged edges should also be avoided as these can injure your child when they're playing.

3. Walkers

According to Dr. Victoria Ang, a developmental pediatrician at Cardinal Santos Medical Center, baby walkers don't actually help toddlers or infants learn how to walk. She adds that numerous children have also been injured because of a walker. Which is why it's much safer to not use a walker at all, since it only serves as a hazard or a potential cause of injury for your child.

Besides, children can learn to walk on their own even if you don't have a walker, so it really isn't necessary.

4. Trampolines

Trampolines might seem fun, but they can actually be pretty dangerous. Using a trampoline is too risky for toddlers, and even for older kids, supervision is still necessary to keep safe.

There are a lot of other fun ways to exercise and have fun at home, so if you're thinking of getting a trampoline, it would be best to look for something else.

5. Toys from dubious manufacturers

The toys that you can find in places like Divisoria can be pretty cheap, but are you sure that they don't contain any harmful substances? It's important for parents to always know what types of chemicals are in their kids' toys, as a lot of manufacturers try to cut costs by using harmful chemicals, and then not following government safety standards.

It's very important to make sure that the toys your kids play with are safe, since toxic substances like lead can sometimes be present in cheaper toys. Being exposed to lead for a prolonged period of time can cause long-term brain damage, and will hamper your child's development.

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