Travel guide for families this Lent

Planning on going on a trip this Lent? Then make sure to read our comprehensive travel guide for families this lent!

Looking for something that's out of the ordinary? Still don't have any plans for Lent? Why not try visiting one of the amazing places in the list below!

1. Ilocos


As of late, the entire region of Ilocos has become a prime destination for travelers. They're also very popular during the Holy Week because of the numerous churches in Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur which attract devotees yearly.

Getting to Ilocos takes about 8 hours if you're driving from Manila.

2. Siquijor

Back in the day, Siquijor was rumored to be a place full of 'mangkukulams' and 'aswang'.  And some tourists even actively avoided going to the province. Well, that's too bad, since not only are those rumors false, Siquijor has a lot of amazing beaches that are just waiting to be visited!

There are also numerous churches in the area, as well as treks and other activities that you and your family can engage in. If there's anything enchanted about the island of Siquijor, it's the beauty of the surroundings as well as the very friendly and hospitable people living in the area.

3. Pampanga

For those seeking a more traditional Holy Week trip, you can go visit the numerous churches in Pampanga as well as watch the numerous reenactments of Christ's crucifixion.

The great thing about Pampanga is that it's so close to Metro Manila, so you won't spend a lot of time on the road traveling! Plus, the food in Pampanga is pretty amazing. Just remember not to forget that it's the lenten season and don't neglect your fasting!

4. Batanes

On the northern tip of the Philippines lies Batanes, one of the most peaceful and beautiful places in the country. If you really need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then there's no better place to go to than Batanes!

While it's a bit expensive as you have to take a plane to get to Batanes, it's really worth the trip as the scenery will surely make you feel like you're more in touch with God. It's an amazing place for a retreat, and it's perfect for people who need some perspective in their lives.

5. Marinduque

Known for celebrating the Moriones Festival, Marinduque has a lot to offer travelers. It boasts amazing beaches, wonderful people, and of course the peace and quiet that you really can't find anywhere if you're in the city.

There really is something special about going to the province for Holy Week, since it makes you feel that you're more in touch with your spiritual life. So really, it's a great idea to try and go on a trip this Holy Week.


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