Want to make travelling with 'the one' extra fun? Take your cue from Maxene Magalona and fiancé Robby Mananquil

The soon-to-be wed couple are truly a match when it comes to being fun-loving and adventurous! Check out their recent Palawan trip, below.

They say travelling together before tying the knot can truly strengthen the bond of a soon-to-be-wed couple. And it seems like Maxene Magalona and fiancé Robby Mananquil have truly taken this to heart.

A few months after their romantic engagement in Tokyo, the travel-loving couple have gone on quite a number of adventures, including a fun pre-wedding getaway to Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

Here’s how you make even quick trips with your significant other all the more special!

Get up early and experience new things!

Rise and shine for a scuba diving activity at the Puerto Princesa Bay Dive. Both beginners and certified divers can do this and explore the majestic wonders of Palawan’s world-renowned waters and marine life.

It was Maxene’s first time diving and she was thrilled to have shared the experience with Rob!

photo courtesy of Klook

photo courtesy of Klook

Immerse yourself in the place

One of the activities you will surely enjoy is the Firefly Watching tour at Iwahig River. It’s perfect for a quiet night with hubby (or hubby-to-be) or an educational experience for the kids because the boat man, who will also be your tour guide, will share a wealth of knowledge about the wonderful sights while the fireflies light up the Mangrove-lined shoreline.

Tip: Grab the opportunity to spend quality time with your significant other or family because gadgets are not advisable to use during the trip. As the guide tells the guests, “for your eyes only”.

photo courtesy of Klook

Face your fears

What is a trip to Puerto Princesa without visiting one of the natural wonders of the world, the Puerto Princesa Underground River?

photo courtesy of Klook

Tip: Scared of heights? Try conquering your fear by trying the ride with hubby, couple style.

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photo courtesy of Klook

Make the most of every moment!

Before heading to the airport, how about a quick beach trip to recharge before heading back to the city. One of the hidden gems in Puerto Princesa is the Nagtabon beach. The whole family can frolick in the sand or just enjoy chilling and basking in the beauty of nature because there’s no cellular signal in the area and best of all, it makes you feel like a local, as just a handful of tourists visit the place.

photo courtesy of Klook

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