TRENDING: Janet Jackson pregnant with her first child and other news

TRENDING:  Janet Jackson pregnant with her first child and other news

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Just days before Mother’s day and a few weeks shy of her 50th birthday, iconic singer/songwriter Janet Jackson announced that she’s pregnant with her first child!

A source close to the 49-year-old singer confirmed the happy news to Entertainment Tonight.

Just a month ago, Janet Jackson made headlines when she announced that she would have to postpone her much awaited tour.

“Hey, you guys. On Aug. 31, as you probably, know I launched the Unbreakable World Tour. First I just want to thank all the fans for coming out and seeing the show. Thank you so much,” she said in the clip. “You guys made it so enjoyable each and every night. We’re in the second leg of the tour and there actually has been a sudden change. I thought it was important that you would be the first to know my husband and I are planning our family, so I’m going to have to delay the tour. Please, if you can try to understand that it’s important that I do this now. I have to rest up, doctor’s orders. But I have not forgotten about you. I will continue to tour as soon as I possibly can.”

Now her plans to start a family with husband Wissam Al Mana have finally come to pass. The couple secretly wed in 2012; news of their marriage was only confirmed a year later.

Back in 2008, she confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that she would be open to having kids: ”I would love to have children of our own, but we also would love to adopt," she said. "So, we'll see what happens. It'll happen someday.”

When ET reporter Cojo said that she would be "the greatest mother in the world," Jackson responded, "Well, I hope so. People say that, but I hope so.”

Congratulations to the soon-to-be mom!

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Gwen Stefani sings carpool karaoke with James Corden (and special A-lister guests!)

In the latest addition to the massively popular segment of the Late, Late Show, which has become like a show all its own, host James Corden finds a new road trip buddy: Gwen Stefani!

The Voice coach sang along to some her biggest hits like No Doubt’s 1996 breakout hit “Don’t Speak” and her 2005 jam “Hollaback Girl”.

But they weren’t the only Hollywood residents looking to carpool and drive around while listening to some road trip jams!

Midway through the video, they picked up extra riders: George Clooney and Julia Roberts.

The Oscar winners belted out “Hollaback Girl” with such gusto that one can’t help but sing along to one of the more memorable lines in the song: “This sh*t is bananas. B-a-n-a-n-a-s!”

Gwen also explains the story behind the 2006 earworm “The Sweet Escape” and acted out emojis! Because, why not?

George Clooney gave his own take on the hit “Hollaback Girl”: ”If some guys are on a construction site, and they're yelling at a girl, she's not going to turn back, she's not that kind of a girl.”

And Gwen admits there was someone who inspired that song but she’ll never tell!

To which George quips: "This s--- is bananas.”

Watch the delightful and hilarious video below.

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100-year-old sets world running record

She’s an athlete who set a world-record in running with passion, determination, and spirit. Her name’s Ida Keeling and she’s been alive for a century.

The 100-year-old inspired the world record for the fastest 100M by a woman 100 years or older!

Her time? One minute and 17 seconds!

Meanwhile, most of us have trouble getting off the couch to grab a snack in the kitchen.

In an interview on the Today show, Keeling shared her secrets to staying fit and active, even demonstrating her perfect form while doing multiple, successive push-ups.

But her records don’t stop there; she has also earned the title for the fastest 60M dash and has competed internationally. When asked how she felt when she crossed the finish line the first time: "So happy!" she exclaimed. "I said, 'I didn't come out here to be a loser.' Even though I felt tired, I just push on the best I can, and that was at my pace... and when I passed that finish line I said, 'Thank you God, thank you for everything and all of your blessings.'"



But she hasn’t always been a runner. She only started competing when she was 67 years old.

Her journey hasn’t been easy; her daughter, Shelley, reveals that her love for the sport "came on the heels of a tragedy."

When her two brothers passed away, Shelly, who is a high school track coach, wanted to help her mom fight through the pain and depression.

"She was distressed, really distressed. So one day I called her, I said, 'I'm taking you for a run’. It was a 3.1 mile run. And that was the beginning of her running career. It was a great medicine for her,” Shelley recounted.

When asked what her secret to living a happy and healthy life is. Ida simply said: "Love yourself. Also, eat for nutrition, not for taste. Do what you need to do, not what you want to do," and "get some kind of exercise... every day."

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