Trending: The Royals put their #HeadsTogether for charming PSA on Mental Health and other news

Trending: The Royals put their #HeadsTogether for charming PSA on Mental Health and other news

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Sporting adorable matching head bands, the royals Prince William, Prince Harry and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton recently came together to speak out for a cause close to their hearts: Mental Health Awareness.

The three young Royals appeared in a PSA promoting the #HeadsTogether campaign which aims to break down stigma on the issue and to raise funds as well as awareness.

Watch the full PSA below.

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Massive sinkholes appear in China, the U.S. and the U.K.

Startling CCTV footage shows how a sinkhole appeared at an intersection in a busy street in Hangzhou province, east China.

In the footage below, we see a traffic enforcer noticing something odd in the road. Upon instinct, he begins to divert cars to safety using traffic cones.

Just two minutes later, the road gave way, causing a massive sinkhole.

Sinkholes have also been reported in San Francisco and the United Kingdom.

The San Francisco sinkhole was allegedly due to a sewer line that burst. The sinkhole in the United Kingdom appeared along a less busy road in Sheffield district's Hutcliffe Wood Road and was said to be 15 feet deep.

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Prince's sister could inherit his massive fortune

The world mourned the loss of beloved music icon Prince just last week.

He has been laid to rest.

Now his estate, which is estimated at nearly $300 million, could possibly be inherited by his sister, Tyka Nelson since he left no known will. The singer also has seven half-siblings.

But, according to Minnesota law, his entire fortune should go to his full sibling unless he left a will specifying otherwise.

His net worth is expected to rise as sales for his albums skyrocket as a result of his untimely demise.

Prince was married twice and had only one son who unfortunately passed away at only a week old.

Nelson had been addicted to Cocaine, and had lived in a rehabilitation facility to deal with her drug addiction.

Prince's manager, Owen Husney, expressed his worries to the International Business Times that Nelson may not have the 'business savvy' it takes to take care of Prince's fortune and legacy.

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