These truly inspiring moms show us what #momgoals really look like

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These moms know that staying fit and fab is totally achievable when raising a family. Let’s see how they keep moving with help from Anlene.

Whether they’re juggling their careers with their family lives or they are stay-at-home moms who dedicate themselves to raising their kids, moms are perhaps the most amazing women on the planet. We asked three awesome moms about their secret to staying happy and balanced.

Meet Aussy, 28-year-old career woman, mom-of-one, and runner

These truly inspiring moms show us what #momgoals really look like

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Aussy Aportadera, 28, lives a busy lifestyle, but that doesn't keep her from being an awesome mom to 5-year-old Alana. Right now, she’s planning her annual mother-daughter beach trip with Alana to get some quality time and much-deserved rest. “Every year I take my daughter on a beach trip, just me and her,” she explains. “It’s a yearly goal to trump the last trip and give her a new set of memories.”

Maintaining your health can take the backseat when you’re overwhelmed with so many responsibilities, but taking care of your health allows you to do so much more. With Anlene, moms (and dads) can move more and focus on what needs to be done, achieving their full potential. Read on to find out how Aussy benefits from taking care of her health.

Can you tell us a little bit about what you do?

I’m a media professional who has worked in marketing, publishing, and events. I love being around people and ideas, always finding a way to help “make things happen”. They haven’t all been successful but the pursuit makes me happy!

How do you stay fit, even with your busy schedule?

I run. I’m not very fast, but I like the activity because it allows me to think. It takes away focus from other concerns and just lets me concentrate on breathing, getting the next kilometer done, pushing my body and keeping my willpower so I don’t stop.

When I’m overwhelmed with responsibilities, the endorphin high that a 30 or 40 minute run gives me really helps put things in perspective. Without taking this kind of break, the negative energy just seeps into other tasks that I would otherwise find enjoyable, like hanging out with my daughter or interacting with my friends.

Why is it important for moms to maintain their passions outside of parenthood?

Passions outside of parenthood—the passions we grew up with, before parenthood, the ones we did from childhood—are so indicative of what makes us happy. Our emotional and mental health are hinged on fulfilling this aspect of ourselves and, when we don't, it affects the way we see and treat other people. It's not selfish to take care of ourselves; it allows us to take care of other people and our commitments and responsibilities to other people when we're balanced and healthy first.

Meet Eileen, the 40-year-old former helicopter pilot and mom-of-four who just finished her graduate studies

These truly inspiring moms show us what #momgoals really look like

After graduating from PMA in 1998, Commander Eileen Cartin-Domine, 40, joined the Philippine Navy and was assigned aboard a ship for 2.5 years before she pursued a career in naval aviation and became a helicopter pilot. She and her husband Edrick have four beautiful children—17-year-old Patricia Denise “Denden”, 14-year-old Daniel Patrick “DanDan”, 10-year-old Paul Donovan “Dondon”, and 22-month-old Dinessa Pauleen “Dindin”.

Her flying days are behind her, but Eileen hasn't stopped hustling. Even while she was pregnant with her fourth child, she pursued (and finished) her graduate studies—all while raising her grade-schooler and two teenagers.

Nutritious drinks like Anlene help busy parents like Eileen take care of their health—after all, maintaining a schedule jam-packed with parenting duties on top of other responsibilities is no mean feat! How did Eileen do it? Read on to find out.

How did you juggle graduate studies with parenting and your career?
I am grateful to my mother-in-law, who helps me take care of my children, and my mother for always supporting me in any way she can. I am also blessed to have my husband, who also values our family and is very supportive to my career. We are both cautious about the fact that our careers should not overshadow our time with our family because our relationship with each other and our kids should be our priority.

These truly inspiring moms show us what #momgoals really look like

Why is taking care of your health important for you?
In 2013, I was diagnosed with an Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma of my salivary gland. After two surgeries, I had facial paralysis for four months—I couldn't move the right side of my face! It was really a very low moment for me that it made me value my health and my time on earth more.

I also need to lose weight and get back in shape as I gained a lot during my pregnancy and my time in school, especially since I know that my next assignment will be very demanding.

How do you stay fit?

Now, I really have to care for my health by taking vitamins, eating healthy, drinking Anlene, and exercising, balanced with having good relationships, which I believe is a good way to do self-care and to combat stress. I also learned that meditation, journaling, and just even taking nature walks are good ways to take care of myself and stay in tune with God, who gives me the right perspectives and guidance as I perform different roles of my life.

Meet Jill, the 37-year-old stay-at-home mom with a passion for healthy food and fitness

These truly inspiring moms show us what #momgoals really look like

37-year-old Jill Anne Oro is a stay-at-home mom with three daughters: Kayla Gabriel, 16; Zyllah Marguerite, 10; and Selah Kim, 6. “I’m very hands-on with my family, especially when preparing our meals,” she says. “Besides that, I am very passionate about running and anything that has to do with health.”

Jill aims to inspire other moms with the message that even with limited resources, there are plenty of ways to live a healthy lifestyle. For moms like Jill who are always on the lookout for cost-effective nutrition for their families, Anlene is an affordable answer for her own fitness needs. Moms, drinking milk isn’t just for your kids!

Read on to find out how this fit mom keeps herself healthy.

How do you take care of your health?

I take care of myself by engaging with fitness-related activities which help me become stronger. Eating the right food so that my body can function well and is able to keep up with my busy days is important to me. I also like preparing easy sustainable meals for my family. And most of all, I try to get plenty of rest.

These truly inspiring moms show us what #momgoals really look like

Why is fitness so important to you?

It’s my passion, and pursuing my passion outside motherhood is very important because it helps me recharge and balances everything. Having good time management is key.

What’s the last thing you did that you were proud of?

I was able to join one of the most prestigious runs in the Philippines. I fell one minute short of the cut-off time, but finishing the run without any injuries was such a big achievement for me.

These truly inspiring moms show us what #momgoals really look like

These three moms have shown that achieving balance is totally achievable—it all boils down to time management, the right attitude, and self-care. A nutritious adult milk like Anlene can help you on your fitness journey.

Anlene, with BoneActivTM, a unique combination of essential bone-strengthening nutrients, that helps support your overall bone health, your mobility, and ultimately, your way of life. Your bones set the foundation for your movement—the stronger they are, the more you are able to do. Strong bones give you the freedom to move, the confidence to lift your child with eagerness, and the strength to conquer the toughest of challenges.

Keeping your body strong and mobile is an integral part in being a happy and healthy parent. With 100% Calcium, High in Protein, and Low Fat, Anlene can help you do and enjoy more. For more details, visit Anlene Facebook.

These truly inspiring moms show us what #momgoals really look like

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