Truths about breastfeeding that people don’t warn you about

While most mothers talk about breastfeeding as a wonderful experience, there are some hard truths about breastfeeding that you have to know.

Breastfeeding your child is one of the greatest experience that mothers can have, and most breastfeeding mothers will agree that nothing compares to the feeling of breastfeeding your child. However, while most mothers talk about breastfeeding as a wonderful experience, there are some hard truths about breastfeeding that you have to know.

Breastfeeding can be painful

While most books and guides to breastfeeding say that breastfeeding only hurts if your child isn't latched on properly, this isn't always true. For some mothers, breastfeeding can be painful, even if the child is latched on properly. It's just something that you get used to after a while, since your nipples have you get used to it. You can use nipple creams or balms to help alleviate some of the pain. And as usual, you also need to make sure that your baby is latched on properly, as it does help to ensure that breastfeeding won't hurt a lot.

It's a full-time job

If you're a breastfeeding mother, then you're generally the main source of nutrition for your baby, and thus it's going to be a full-time job to breastfeed. Even if you're a working mother, it's still a full time job since you'll also need to pump while you're in the office to ensure that your milk supply doesn't run out. It's not the easiest thing in the world, but your baby needs you as well as your milk so that they can grow up healthy and happy.

It's a responsibility

Breastfeeding isn't something that you can just give up if you don't feel like doing it anymore. Aside from being the main source of nutrition, you're also a source of comfort for your child. That's why when you make the decision to breastfeed, you have to understand the responsibilities attached to it and plan out your day accordingly.

It can be isolating

In some places, breastfeeding in public is frowned upon. That's the harsh and sad truth of the matter, and it can be embarrassing and isolating if you get called out simply for feeding your child. Some mothers even resort to breastfeeding their child inside a toilet cubicle because they're afraid of breastfeeding in public. That's why it's important for us to learn that there's nothing wrong or sexual about breastfeeding in public, it's just a mother trying to feed her hungry child.

The decision to breastfeed your child is an admirable decision, and one that's not to be taken lightly. However, should you choose to go through with it regardless of the struggles involved, then you'll find that it really is an amazing and rewarding experience, especially once you see your baby grow up to be a healthy child. Like they always say, breastfeeding is always the best for babies.


The Ugly Truth About Breastfeeding - What No One Wants To Tell You

Truths About Breastfeeding That Nobody Wants To Discuss

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