How trying to “fix” your kids doesn’t solve anything

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Hey, Mommy and Daddy: are you a fixer? Find out why your efforts may be all for naught.

A “fixer” is someone who tries to remedy any situation. Whether that thing is broken or not, a fixer wants to make it work as it should. Moreover–they want it to work better than ever.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to get the most out of something, but sometimes, being a fixer can do more harm than good. For example, when it comes to parenting, trying to fix kids’ behavior may be all for naught.

There a few different approaches a fixer might take when trying to “fix” their kids’ behavior. One strategy is implementing a “yes day”.  Wherein, a mom or dad simply gives in to all of their kids’ wishes (within reason, of course).

You want it? You’ve got it–at least for a day.

The goal is to make them happy, and for the temper tantrums to cease. And while–in theory–it sounds like it would work, one mother found that nothing changed. She did all the things that would theoretically please her children. She cooked their favorite food, she took them to the park, they made arts and crafts. You name it, she did it.

“They still whined and cried and screamed. They still felt like they were getting the short end of the stick. They still acted out and threw tantrums. In a nutshell, they were still little kids,” she claims.

trying to "fix" your kids

But it she did everything right, how could the results feel so…wrong? Why wasn’t this mommy/fixer able to solve the problem of bad behavior in her young kids?

Maybe it’s because little kids (toddlers and preschoolers) aren’t supposed to be fixed. Maybe they’re the way they are because that’s just what nature requires of them.

Moms and dads: are you a fixer? Find out why you may be over doing it for no reason. Learn more on page two!

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