Sunshine Cruz recalls trying to save marriage with former husband Cesar Montano

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The 40-year-old mom of three opens up about how she tried everything she could to save her 13-year-marriage with former husband Cesar Montano

Five years after the end of her 13-year marriage with actor Cesar Montano, Sunshine Cruz is opening up about it once again. In an interview with ANC's Headstart, the mom of three shares how she struggled trying to save the marriage.

"I know that I did everything to save the marriage," she laments. "It took me 13 years to save it, but (I realized it was getting nowhere) and we are both miserable already. So I guess it’s time to move on."

Cruz filed for annulment in 2014 and the case is currently still pending. She first accused Montano of having an affair in 2013, followed by complaints of domestic abuse, which included marital rape and lewd acts in front of their daughters. Montano vehemently denied the accusations in court.

"I may not have been a perfect husband but I’m most definitely not a monster," he told the Inquirer, urging his former wife not to hurl accusations to suit her own "ulterior motive."

Recalling the early days of her separation, Sunshine describes how she realized the importance of self-care, describing how she was "stick thin" and looked so unhealthy.

"That was the time that I realized na teka, umikot ang mundo ko sa isang tao (my world revolves around one person). It's time to take care of myself more, and that was the time na nag-exercise ako, nagpakulay akong buhok (that I started exercising, and had my hair colored)," she confides.

The actress' current partner is Macky Mathay, who also has three kids from a previous relationship. He is the brother of Cruz's good friend, Ara Mina. The couple just marked their first anniversary.

For those who long to find someone to love, Cruz believes it's important to focus on self-love first.

"If you want your partner or someone to love you, I think you should start from yourself," she advises. "Kasi daw walang time para mag-exercise, no, that's not an excuse. What is 3 times a week, less than an hour a day?" (Because you don't have time to exercise? No, that's not an excuse.)

"Mahalin mo muna ang sarili mo. If matanggap at mahalin mo ang sarili mo, then it will follow naman, meron nang magmamahal sa 'yo, definitely."

(Love yourself first. If you can accept and love yourself, then it will follow, there will be someone who will love you, definitely.)

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