Close friends for 40 years find out they were switched at birth

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They both always felt closer to each other's families more than their own.

It's like something out of a telenovela. Two men, who've been friends all their lives, found out they were switched at birth.

Even as kids, they shared in a report by, they felt like they didn't belong in their own families but felt a more intense closeness to each other's families.

Luke Monias and Norman Barkman then decided to undergo a DNA test which confirmed their suspicions.

According to CBC, the two men are now urging authorities to conduct a deeper investigation into the negligence which greatly affected both of their lives.

They're also requesting an apology from the Canadian government. Manitoba's aboriginal and northern affairs calls the incident a "case of stolen identity of two innocent children."

Canada's Health Minister Dr. Jane told CBC,  "I have asked my department officials to look into the matter immediately and to reach out to the families involved. I can assure Canadians that Health Canada will look into the concerns that have been raised by Mr. Barkman and Mr. Monias."

Learn more about their story by watching the video below.

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