Uber and Grab suspension of uncertified vehicles will begin on July 26

According to the LTFRB, UBER and Grab Vehicles without a Certificate of Public Convenience will be deactivated on July 26. Read on for more details.

Last July 11, 2017, the LTFRB (Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board) released a memo stating that “both Transport Network Companies (Uber and GRAB) are directed to cease with dispatch the operations of all their TNVS (Transport Network Vehicle Services) which do not have the required Certificates of Public Convenience.”

According to Top Gear, only about 10% of Uber and Grab vehicles have this certification, because the LTFRB were no longer accepting applications a year ago so that they could further evaluate the policies.

The reason for this was to make sure all vehicles would be "safe" and regulated for public transport, like taxis, jeepneys, and buses.

While there is a need to make sure Uber and Grab vehicles are safe, the suspension of "uncertified" drivers will surely make daily life more difficult, as thousands of Filipinos rely on the ride-hailing companies as their main form of transportation.

This latest order is on top of the P5 million fine recently issued by the LTFRB on both transportation services.

In response to this, Grab Philippines issued the following statement.

"We are pleased with the outcome of the hearing as this is the least disruptive to providing the best service and we take this as a positive sign that the regulators see the benefits of ride-hailing platforms," wrote Grab country head Brian Cu on Facebook. "Grab, in all its entirety, is diligently working with the government to find real and long-term solutions to issues that affect our most important stakeholders---the drivers and passengers.

A few days after the LTFRB order was issued, UBER Philippines reposted a previous memo with the caption: "Safety will always be our utmost priority."

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