7 Popular baby products parents don't really need

7 Popular baby products parents don't really need

Skip a trip to the store and save more by knowing what products you don't really need for your baby. Find out some examples, below!

It's natural to be excited, wanting to buy every item in the baby store, when you're a new parent. But it's important to channel this excitement into efficiency to better prepare for the arrival of your little one.

Take note of these unnecessary baby products that you can skip on your next trip to the store!

1. Expensive clothes and booties

Sure, it's adorable to buy matching designer clothes and booties in all colors, but there's no need to overspend, as your fast developing little one will outgrow them in several months anyway!

2. Cloth bibs

Go for bibs with plastic lining for easier cleanup! "My baby used both cloth and the one with plastic lining, but I prefer the latter," Ruby, a mom of a two-year-old girl, shared with theAsianparent Philippines. "My daughter still uses her waterproof bib. It's so convenient and less messy!"

3. Bottle warmer

"Don’t waste your money on a bottle warmer. It’s bulky, expensive, and takes up too much space on the kitchen counter," Carol, a mom of one toddler, tells Real Simple. "A cup of hot water works just as well—and it’s free."

7 Popular baby products parents don't really need

4. Baby food maker

25-year-old mom Rose didn't feel the need to purchase a food maker or processor.

"I use a spoon and fork to mash my baby's food; it's simpler and easier!" she tells theAsianparent Philippines.

5. Nursing timer

This keeps track of your baby's feeding schedule, but most moms don't find it useful, as their busy schedule makes it difficult for them to remember to turn it on after a feeding. Plus, you'll know pretty much when it's time to feed your baby. A timer is just an added task that may distract you from more important chores.

6. Changing Table

Purchasing a new table devoted solely for diaper changing can be expensive and it can take up too much space. Instead, go for a changing mat or pad and place it atop a low dresser.

7. High chair

High chairs can take up too much space and can be pricey. They may also take up too much time to clean!

"If I had it to do over again, I would never, ever buy a high chair,"mom Laura Beck told Parents. "They are huge and so hard to store between kids. Plus, they just get disgusting, covered with food, and become something you are constantly cleaning, scrubbing, and finding random bits of food stuck to."

What other unnecessary baby items would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

sources: Real Simple, Parents

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