5 Unspoken social media etiquette for kids to learn

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There are things that must be kept private such as sensitive information about your life that other people have no business of knowing.

Just because social media is a place where people from all walks of life can participate doesn’t mean that anyone is free to do as they please.

There are are rules online as well, and more often that not they are not explicitly said.

For some users, however, these rules escape them completely, especially children who don’t know yet how the internet functions.

As parents, you should be able to teach your kids the proper internet and social media etiquette. Here are some of the, as compiled by Parent Herald:

1. Think before you post

It’s easy to engage in arguments and conversations online, but kids should learn to consider what they want to say before actually posting it. That way they can engage instead in meaningful conversations instead of running purely on their instinct.

2. No bullying

Because internet users can hide behind their computer screens, they can get away with saying mean comments to other people online. Kids should also be able to recognize if they are the ones being subjected to hateful comments and activity. It’s never okay to be a bully or be the one being bullied.

3. Don’t post excessively

Everything that is excessive is bad. Whether it’s posting photos or opinions, talking to friends, or playing games, kids should learn how to stop when they’re already published enough material on their social media accounts or spent enough time online.

4. Don't share someone else's pictures or personal information without asking

Not everyone is comfortable putting their faces on public display. Also a grave offense is posting sensitive information about them without their knowledge. Everyone should learn to respect other's online privacy. So before you post anything about your friends, be sure to ask them for permission first.

5. Keep a sense of privacy

Not everything is meant to be shared online, even if you think that other people may want to know them. There are things that must be kept private such as personal and sensitive information about your life that other people have no business of knowing (address, credit card information, social security number). Don’t make the mistake of sharing them online, where it can be easily used for bad things.

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