Veteran actor Dick Israel and his wife Marlyn to be cremated together

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The late actor's wake will be extended so he and his wife Marilyn, who just passed away due to an aneurysm, can be cremated at the same time. 

Just days after we bid farewell to Dick Israel, the wife of the veteran actor has also passed away.

Actress Vivian Velez broke the sad news through her Facebook account, writing: "Marlyn Michaca (Dick Israel's wife) just passed away. Now in each other’s arms for eternity."

She also shared that Dick's wake will be extended so they could be cremated at the same time.

"The family has decided to extend the wake [at St. Peter's Chapel on Araneta Avenue in Quezon City] together with his wife Marlyn Michaca for 2 more days and they will be cremated together," wrote the actress.

According to Interaksyon, Marlyn had been in a comatose state following an aneurysm. Two weeks before Dick passed away, Marlyn had already been confined in the hospital.

Born Ricardo Michacca, the character actor will be forever be remembered for his contributions to the industry, starring in films and TV shows sinces the 70s.

In a recent episode of GMA 7's Wakas, we learned that Marlyn was Dick's first love; he met her even before he started his acting career. They met and fell in love at a young age. They eloped and started a family in Baguio City.

Though they separated briefly due to some misunderstandings connected to the pressures of show business, Dick returned to Marlyn after he suffered a stroke. She never stopped loving him and welcomed him back, caring for him as if no time had passed.

Learn more about their love story by watching the reenactment below.

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