Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel’s on breastfeeding in public

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At a time when shaming breastfeeding in public has almost become a trend, Candice took to Instagram and showed what she really thought of it.

It takes spunk to stand up for what you really believe in… especially so if it’s a topic of debate for many! So when Candice Swanepoel, a South African supermodel, better know as the Victoria’s Secret model, took to Instagram and posted a picture of her baby being breastfed.

This picture of her garnered an almost equal number of haters and supporters, as expected. But whats commendable is that the lady did what she thought was right and stood by it.

So what is it that makes us mothers nervous about feeding a hungry baby in a public place. It’s not like we deliberately step out in the public just when the bub is hungry or it’s time for his feed. For an act as natural as feeding ones baby, it can be quite discomforting and annoying warding off rude stares and comments only because you decided to unbutton in public when your little one whimpered for his share of food.

Continue reading for some tips on how to breastfeed in public with your head held high!

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