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VIRAL: Elderly mom shows selflessness by carrying daughter on her back

The touching viral photo and video of an aging mother carrying her daughter on her back just shows the sacrifices that parents do for their children.

Julieta Lorenzo, a 69-year-old mother from Roxas City, Capiz, has been photographed carrying her 30-year-old daughter inside of a local bank.

She takes her daughter with her to keep her safe

According to the photos and video posted on Facebook, the elderly mother still carries her 30-year-old daughter on her back because of her medical condition.

The mother came with her daughter to the bank, and since the mother is worried that something bad might happen to her daughter if she leaves her alone at home, she opts to take her daughter with her to keep her safe. Even if it means that she has to carry her for long distances.

The netizen who posted the photos on Facebook was also quick to add that the security guard at the bank tried to help them, but the mother insisted that she will be the one to carry her daughter, as her daughter doesn't like being carried by anyone else.

Ever since she was young, her mother has been taking care of her

Julieta's daughter, Mary Jane, is unable to walk, talk, or feed herself. Which is why at 69-years-old, her mother still takes care of her.

Her family learned of her condition when she was only 3-years-old. And ever since, her mother has been taking care of her.

Julieta's brother, Edwardo, shared that his sister only earns 2000 pesos a month, which she uses to provide for her daughter.

In addition to carrying her daughter on her back, she also has to walk through an unpaved road as well as numerous tree roots daily just to get to their home.

Since the post got viral, netizens have shown their support and admiration for a selfless mother's love for her daughter.

Parents are willing to do everything for their kids

Just like the viral photo of the dad treating his daughters to Jollibee while he ate nothing, this recent story just shows that parents are willing to sacrifice everything, just so they can provide for their kids.

Hopefully these selfless acts will not only inspire parents to keep on doing what they're doing for their kids, but it should also make children understand that while their parents might not be perfect, all parents love their children, and are willing to sacrifice everything just for their kids.

While parents and their kids might not exactly see eye-to-eye, kids should always know that their parents will love them no matter what happens. And at the end of the day, your family is always there for you.


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