Watch: baby won't let her dad stop hugging her

Watch: baby won't let her dad stop hugging her

This little girl won't let her dad let go during their nap session! Watch as she hilariously grabs his arms and wraps them around herself!

By now, it's pretty well documented that babies need their parent's love and affection. Literally! It's actually been scientifically proven that babies develop properly when given the right amount of physical attention from their parents.

Of course, parents aren't shy to hold and adore their babies by any means but some babies just crave more attention than any parent could possibly give. This baby girl is a prime example.

Watch as her dad playfully removes his hand from her back during her nap! She confidently grabs her dad's arms and wraps them right back where they need to be.

Check it out:

two hands free

Here we see Dad as he experiments with his daughter by releasing his arms from the hug. He starts with two arms. let's see how it goes...

two hands grabbed

Nice try, Dad! She's got you right where she wants you. Better just keep on cuddling.

one hand without the grab

Dad tries a new strategy this time. He attempts to escape the hug with just one of his hands. Will his baby notice?

one hand

This baby isn't having any tricks today. She grabs Dad's hand and pulls it right back around her. I guess she's a cuddler!

You can check out the hilarious video in its entirety below:


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