9 Easy ways that can help you and your husband 'get in the mood'

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Looking to spice up you and your husband's love life? Try out these ways to help get you and your husband get in the mood!

Plan your second honeymoon

Planning your second honeymoon isn't just fun, but it's also very exciting for couples. Sometimes, just imagining you and your spouse going to an amazing vacation is enough to get the both of you in the mood!

Take this secret herb

Gingko Biloba, an herbal supplement, can help boost blood flow to the brain as well as other organs, specifically for men. Make sure to consult it with your doctor first just to be safe.

Act like youngsters

Just because you're parents doesn't mean that you always need to act like adults. Take out your spouse for a joyride, watch a movie, or go on a romantic date. It'll surely spice things up in the bedroom!

Be touchy with each other

Take the opportunity to hug or kiss your spouse everytime you pass them by. Give them a nice warm hug every morning, or even give them a slap on the butt! It helps keep things fun, and boosts the intimacy in your relationship.

Give each other massages

Giving massages can help boost the intimacy in your marriage, and also helps the both of you relax and get yourselves in the mood. It can also act as foreplay before you and your spouse 'do the deed'.

Spend some time apart

Spending some time apart can actually help give your relationship a boost since you'll miss each other more.

Be adventurous

Try and mix things up in the bedroom! Look up different positions that you and your spouse can do, or try doing it in different places. Make things more exciting.

Buy some lingerie

Here's a tip for the ladies, get your husband more interested by buying some new lingerie to make your husband excited! Ask him what lingerie he wants to see on you and surprise him by wearing it.

Talk to each other more

Nothing brings a couple closer than simply talking. Engage your spouse in conversation and talk about yourselves and your relationships. This helps boost intimacy and also brings the both of you closer as a couple.

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