5 Ways to keep your baby safer in the house

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With 3 million babies under one year making visits to the ER, you can't afford to miss this list! Learn ways to keep your baby safer in the home!

Did you know that there are over 3 million visits to the emergency room each year from children under the age one?

Pretty disconcerting, right? As if being a parent weren't nerve-wracking enough as it is.

There's no doubt you're already a cautious parent, but what if I told you there were 5 ways to keep your baby safe from some of the most common yearly injuries?

In a video post from eHow, experts explained how to keep your babies as safe as possible in the home! Avoid these common at-home chances of injury by being prepared. Check out the list of ways to keep your baby safer than ever at home.

1. High chair safety

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According to eHow, one baby visits the ER from falling out of a high chair...EVERY HOUR! Don't assume that your baby is safe and sound in their high chair. Parents who wish to avoid any high chair injuries should be vigilant and mindful of their babies when they're in their high chair. Also, it's wise to take advantage of the built-in safety restraints found on most models of high chairs. If your child's high chair doesn't have safety restraints, consider investing in one that does!


2. Pacifier/sippy cup safety


Approximately 2,300 kids per year are injured as a result of falling down with a pacifier or sippy cup in their mouth! Typically, this occurs in children who are learning to walk. When your kids start to learn to walk, make sure that they aren't on the move with something in their mouth! Then, once they've come to a stationary position allow them to use the pacifier or sippy cup.

3. Button battery awareness

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Button batteries are pretty common in household appliances and gadgets; heck, even some toys are powered by button batteries. The danger with these items, is that they look pretty similar to candies or sweets, and are very small and easy for a baby to swallow. In fact, 3,000 kids a year are sent to the ER as a result of swallowing a button battery. Always make sure that any battery powered products accessible to your baby are free of compartments with these tiny batteries.


4. Electrical cord safety

electrical cord

Each year, a handful of babies are maimed or killed as a result of getting entangled by an electric cord! Sometimes, the cords that are trapping the babies are from their baby monitors. Experts say to avoid baby monitors that use cords. If that's unavoidable, they recommend that the cord be at least 3-feet away from the crib--well out of reach!


5. Bedtime safety


Bedtime can actually be pretty dangerous for a baby if you aren't aware of the dangers, and worst-case scenarios. For example, babies who sleep on their stomachs are far more likely to from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Always rest a baby on their backs--not their tummies. Also, suffocation is another looming threat if you're unaware of the possibility. Pillows, and blankets should be placed outside of the crib to ensure your baby is as safe as can be when sleeping. And, as an added tip, be sure to use tight-fitting sheets for your babies crib to make sure no loose folds of the sheet cause any harm to your sleeping baby.


You can check out eHow's helpful video below:


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