5 ways to give your kids cooking skills: how to teach children how to cook

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Teach your kids how to prepare their own meals with these helpful guidelines

For plenty of parents, the kitchen is a sacred place that they’re hesitant to relinquish control of. Just the thought of having kids puttering about the place, wielding sharp knives and working with open flames, is enough to send a shudder down their spines.

However, parents must remember that it is their responsibility to teach their kids important life skills, and teaching them how to feed themselves definitely falls under that umbrella. So why not start them young? When they’re older and cooking delicious meals for you, you’ll be thankful for it.

Here’s how to get your kids started in the kitchen—you can get them started as early as 2! This guide is separated by age groups, but really, it’s up to you to gauge what your child is ready for. Some kids are more focused than others, so remember not to rush things and know when you should trust them and let go.

1. Get them comfortable with the kitchen. (2-3 years old)

With your younger kids, you’ll need to supervise them extra close. Just to get them acquainted with the kitchen, can give them small tasks like setting the table (with non-breakable plates), gentle stirring, squeezing lemons, and so forth.

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2. Start small. (4-5 years old)

By this age they should be able to prepare simple meals, like making their own cereal or putting together a simple sandwich. Teach them how to pour milk from the carton or juice from the pitcher (after ensuring that it’s not too heavy, of course). If spills happen, it’s alright, that happens. Let them help with the clean-up too.

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