10 Ways to make your child feel loved

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Of all the things that parents provide for their children, love is the most important thing of all. Here are some ideas to make your child feel loved.

Making your child feel loved can mean a lot to them, especially at their young age. Follow these steps to help ensure that your child grows up not only healthy but full of love and affection.

1. Be proud of the gifts they give you

Wearing a bracelet that your child made in school as an art project might not be the trendiest thing, but letting them see that you're wearing the gifts that they give can make them feel appreciated.

If they give you any drawings, make sure to place it on your fridge for everyone to see. Kids love it when they can see you outwardly appreciating their efforts and their talents.

2. Don't be too strict

Some parents are very strict when it comes to rules. However, why not try surprising your child by bending the rules a little bit just one time? If your little one wants to play outside in the rain, let them. Do they want to play around in the dirt? Let them do so every once in a while.

3. Spend more time with your kids

Kids love nothing more than being able to spend more time with their parents. Make it a point to spend as much time as possible with your kids since you won't be able to do that once they're all grown up.

4. Tell them bedtime stories

Kids love hearing stories, especially during bedtime. Try and mix things up by telling some stories of your childhood, or any fun and interesting experiences you've had throughout your life.

5. Give them treats

Giving your kids some sweets or taking them out to eat fast food is okay to do once in a while. If your child has been obedient and good, why not reward their good behavior by taking them out to eat some of their favorite foods that they don't get to eat every day?

6. Play with them

Kids love it when they can play with their moms and dads. It's also good for you to play with your kid's toys once in a while so that you can feel young again. Playing with your kids helps manage stress and can really help you relax after a long day at work.

7. Break the rules (sometimes)

Letting them sleep past their bedtime or letting them eat more dessert than usual is okay, so long as you don't do it too often. You can also use it to reward good behavior and get them motivated to behave better.

8. Dance with your kids

Kids love playing around, and kids also love dancing. Surprise your kid by playing some music and dancing with them. They'll find it really funny and cute, and you'll have a great time yourself!

9. Build a pillow fort

Pillow forts are fun, and all kids love playing inside a pillow fort. Use blankets, pillows, and mattresses to create the most awesome pillow fort for your kid, and have some great fun!

10. Go out on an adventure

Go out with your kid and try exploring your surroundings. Look for interesting plants or insects, and use it as an opportunity to teach your child about the world. It will motivate them to be more curious and to learn more about the world around them.

Source: familyshare.com

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